Nokia Tries to Pass Off DSLR Footage as Legit Video by Lumia 920

Nokia Lumia 920

Nokia launched a new phone, the Lumia 920, and was raving about its incredible camera and PureView image stabilization system.  Nokia even put together a sweet video, entitled PureView The next innovation, that shows off the OIS system on the Lumia 920.  Except that it wasn’t the Lumia 920 that captured the footage.

Turns out, the good stuff is coming from what looks to be a DSLR on some kind of external gyro or Steadicam rig.

Rather than coming completely clean that it was hoping to sell phones with the consumers’ expectations that the Lumia 920 would rock the socks off of any other phone on the market, Nokia has since been on a BS damage control train, stating that it never intended to mislead anyone, which further insults our intelligence.

Moreover, the still images shown in the video are misleading (at the very least) in terms of what the camera is capable of capturing in a given scene.

This is clearly not the same lighting conditions:

as this:

Lighting conditions aside, I’m not ready to believe it is actually an image captured by the Nokia Lumia 920 until Nokia ponies up the original files.

Panasonic got itself into some hot water a couple years back when it tried to pass off a new demo video for the Lumix G2.  It was quickly revealed, however, that at least a good bit of it was shot with 5D Mark II.

When will these guys learn that it’s hard to pull one over on photographers?

[via PetaPixel and FStoppers]



  1. kdsand says

    Another case of no truth in advertising. Its even worse when its so flagrant like the o.I.s. environmental portrait above. The ends ($) justify the means in business & it was likely a calculated risk.

  2. says

    One reason more not to buy a nokia phone!
    Normally every “better” Photographer should see that this pictures cannot come from a phone with no extra light setup.
    But the biggest problem is that this comercials will be sent on tv, internet and everywhere else and many of the viewers will think thats possible!

    Shame on Nokia!

  3. Anirban says

    Both the picture are different, the lady is standing differently, Look at her hair falling to her sholder, its different. Looking the Car light trail, I can tell this image has been taken using a Tripod and will very slow shutter speed. there are multiple level of light this is surely an HDR photo using some best DSLR and Nokia is making us fool.

    What a shame, I was a Nokia fan before seeing this photo …