Adobe Unveils Photoshop CC, Kills Future Creative Suite Products

Photoshop CC

Adobe announced today that the new Photoshop CC is coming for Creative Cloud members in June. Alongside, the announcement of Photoshop CC and other Creative Cloud applications, Adobe stated that it would continue to sale CS6 and offer support; however, Adobe has no plans for future releases of Creative Suite or other CS products.

That’s really going to stir the pot.


I am going to circle back on the Creative Suite issues in a future post (and I’m interested in your feedback); however, let’s move on to what’s up with Photoshop CC.

There are plenty of new “wow” features in Photoshop CC, including the amazing new Camera Shake Reduction.

Check out the overview video below.

Julieanne Kost goes over her 5 favorite features in the new Photoshop CC in the video below.


If you don’t want to watch the entire video (ahem, Tim L), the highlights include:

  1. Upright (automatically aligns images vertically, horizontally and changes perspective distortions)
  2. Radial Filter, and Advanced Healing Brush features in Adobe Camera Raw 8 (same as Lightroom 5)
  3. image upsampling and sharpening (much improved over bicubic resampling)
  4. Rounded Rectangles
  5. Camera Shake Reduction


More on the Photoshop blog.



  1. says

    Good Afternoon All Adobe Users:

    Sadly, Adobe marketing department and senior management brain trust (Chairman, CEO, COO and CFO) have decided that they can make even more money by forcing us users of their products to subscribe to an unending monthly subscription of their software if we choose to use it. This is just another in a ending ending series of many companies dipping into our pockets monthly (cable tv, satillite tv, Windows Cloud software, etc.). Where does end? I have purchased many thousands of dollars in software from Windows, Adobe and others, how greedy can Adobe be by denying legitimate users the right to own a software disk and not have to pay for a monthly subscription to their product(s).

    If this is the wave of the future I will not buy another piece of their software, this is about greed, greed, greed. I think that all of us who appreciate, respect their products and use them in accordance with the licensed software(s) agreements we agreed to when we purchase and installed them need to write, Adobe, Windows, etc. and tell them “We are ot going to take it any more” We as users hold their financial purse strings and bottom line profit margins. If we slow up their earnings they will respond. REVOLT NOW! Let us “Let them eat cake”.

    • Steve says

      I agree, we in Australia are paying an extra premium now without having to pay this on a monthly deal so yes I wont be lining Adobe pockets until they become realistic.

    • Tim C says

      Spot on Steve, Is it a question of the lesser of two evils pay for the new upgrades or be part of the cloud at a monthly charge and allowing your work to be reviewed and your security open for no charge.

  2. says

    Hi Steve:

    Write Adobe, Windows, Apple etc and tell them how you feel and what actions you are prepared to take and remind them that word of mouth is better than any advertising they can do. Like politicans until they hear our numbers and we cut off their bottom line they will not listen or repond. We hold the power of their purse and we all need to unite. Thanks for your immediate response and support.


  3. Adrine says

    I think it is just cutting out the smaller people and only giving the big professionals a boost ones that can afford to pay every month . one thing adobe must remember that this cuts out students and that would be a mistake in the long run as they will find another product or even invent one :) as there are some clever kids out there.

  4. Paul North says

    yep, they think they have us. It’s time to stop using their products and go for the GIMP style software programs around the world.

    Between property taxes IRS and unscrupulous, unprincipled companies, we will not have enough to eat and pay the home loan.

  5. says

    Hello Adrine:

    Large companies that perfer to use the “CLOUD” are recognized by me for its financial benefit to those companies. They have many multipule users and a subscription probably works better financially for them. They can write that type of software use and expenditure off as a business expense and up grade as needed with no additional cost for the new software versions

    I beg the question what about the middle to low end tier of users and purchasers? We may not all want to upgrade as we may not be able to afford it or all be photographers, graphic artists, publishers, students etc. I can only hope that some very bright creative genius’ will reinvent the next generation of the computer software wheel.

    NYC 10019

  6. says

    Hello Paul North:

    That goes to my point of where does it stop and companies recognize the the well is only so deep and can only produce so much water, oil or in this case money. Your family, food and home must come first. Their greed is their greed. Let us all communicate to these major software companies and let them have a major lapse in quarterly revenues until our collective voices are heard. Their shareholders will shreek out in pain by the loss of earnings at their next annual meeting and we will witness change.

    NYC 10019

  7. says

    Hi Paul:

    Yes, I to have GIMP a free Google software. It is yet, another alternative and quite good free software. I emplore you to write Adobe as I will tomorrow with copies of my several email responses here on Photography Bay. I will message their their public relations and marketing departments professionals, I come out of a long line professionals in advertising, journalism, public relations and politics. I can answer their questions and challenges and they will be daunted by my responses, I assure you.. If this hits the major media, they will not be happy and have to defend against the claims and accusations. No company wants to be placed in that position. While, I am not looking for any pubilicity I will not shy away from it or be bashful about my response(s), I am concerned about what their marketing stratergy will cost all of us in the long term.

    NYC 10019

  8. Robert says

    Upgrading faithfully was costing me ~$200 every ~18 months or ~$10/month… it will be $50/month. Hmmmm…not too greedy.
    I’d be willing to go that route if Adobe would be willing to buy back my original investment of ~$600+ for a similar uptick….say for $3000.

  9. says

    Hi Robert:

    Don’t hold your breath. There will be no windfall from Adobe or any other software producer. They are not playing Santa Claus!

    Chris 10019 NYC

  10. EricB says

    Will ACR continue to be updated for CS6 if that is going to be still supported or will buyers of new camera models be force to sign up for CC for RAW compatibility?

    I guess any student enrolled on CC find their subscriptions take a leap when Adobe know from registration details they are at the end of their course. Very neat for Adobe.

    I was considering upgrade to v CS7 when available from my CS5 (assuming it was going to be). As long as I don’t upgrade cameras I’ll stay with what I have now, count me out Adobe…. When the time comes I’ll check out Gimp and Raw Therapee again first. Very obvious money grab from Adobe here on an already very expensive product.

  11. says

    Good Evening EricB:

    I dare to say that CRS6 updates will no longer be available once Adobe announces CRS7. Like all other software producers once the new “suite or program” is introduced they discontinue new updates or support. Case in point”Windows XP” ending this year. This is another marketing stratergy by software makers to get for us users to buy new software, they could easily upgrade the old version with the latest firmware. In this case they are wedding us to the “CLOUD”. I will stay with PS6 and let Adobe be damned for their greed.

    10019 NYC

  12. EricB says

    Adobe got hauled before a Parliamentary pricing inquiry here in Australia a few weeks ago alongside Apple and Microsoft. They were asked to explain why their pricing here was not in line with other countries. The excuse from Adobe I believe ran along the lines of “customisation of support to the market”. The only customisation I can see is being very hard to install and activate a non AU version here for example… The excuses from Microsoft and Apple were equally flimsy. The most honest answer was – we charge what people will stand to pay.
    In the mean time Adobe want an extra $100 for a disk if you buy online… That is a joke…
    CC is just going to tighten their control and maximise what they wring out of their customers.

    • says

      Good Evening Eric:

      I am glad that Austraila (UK) took the major software producers to task on over pricing. Rightfully so, com puter lanuuage(s) are universal and whether in the US, Austraila, Europe, the far East the coding and languages is the same with maybe some minor caviots.

      This is another issue for fair trade and equal treatment in world markets. A copy of any software disk should not exceed $20 US dollars for the disk period, a new version of the software is yet another matter. The issue with the new round of software is the engineers, writers, producers and distribution networks wanting to max out the profit margins at the cost of the users. We as their users keep all of these parties in business and profitable, which then goes back to my debate and response about their GREED over exclusive software use.

      10019 NYC, NY USA

  13. Jack says

    First, I don’t have a problem with Creative Cloud. If it best suits your need, then all the better. The problem is that it doesn’t suit my needs. Professionally, I use Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and a bit of Acrobat. As a hobby, Lightroom. Given the nature of the work I do, I don’t need all the applications that come with CC, so why should I pay for software I’ll never use?

    From Adobe:
    • You have access to the full set of Adobe’s creative tools, with frequent updates
    (I don’t need it.)
    • Your assets, settings, styles, colors, and fonts are synced and available across your desktop and mobile devices.
    (I don’t need it. Who does Indesign on a tablet?)
    • You are connected to the people you collaborate with and the people who inspire you.
    (I don’t need it. I get inspired *at* the office, and I can connect with them via email. And I don’t take my work on the Appalachian Trail.)
    • You are able to share your work and get feedback from the community throughout the creative process
    (I don’t need it. Do that at the office.)
    • You can broaden your skills through access to the best training from the best teachers

    Furthermore, the software is huge by itself. For myself, each program is reaching the law of diminishing returns in that I’m probably only using 40% of what’s packed into each. (Why is there video editing in Photoshop?) With CS6 I have far more gewgaws than I’ll ever use. So why would I want to perpetually upgrade? I milked CS4 for five years and it worked (and continues to work) just fine.

    And as someone on a tight budget, upgrading once every five years is reasonable. But paying $50 per month for things I don’t want or need is out of the question.

    I love Adobe products and I can see where there is financial logic in their Excel spreadsheets (I can’t wait for Microsoft to start billing Adobe for Excel.). But I want more choices, not fewer. And for me, that means streamlined software that I buy when *I* want to buy it.

    Adobe, if you are reading this, remember Netflix.

  14. says

    I WILL NOT be a part of the Cloud. I make a living with photography. A few years ago I had 44 weddings. This year will be a lot less, but I am now teaching a good bit. I make money with photography. But, not enough to waste it on expensive product I don’t need. Maybe a big time corporate person could spend a fortune on the whole suite every year and the subscription is a bargain for them. Screw the cloud.

    As it was, each PhotoShop upgrade had only a modest improvement. I have tended to do it every other version. I DO NOT need everything they offer. Why do I want to rent it all? It’s like my local car dealer saying I can rent any vehicle they have. If I don’t need their tow truck, van, or mopend, too bad, they’re not in the business of selling cars to buy anymore.

    Corel has some products that could compete. They need to change the name of PaintShop Pro (their photo editing program). AfterShot is their camera raw editor.

    I WILL NOT rent the cloud. If I end up 80 years old working on CS6, so be it.

  15. says

    Good Evening Jack:

    It is 10:24 PM New York time. I am very happy with the response from everyone. I too agree while I have purchased copies of Creative Suites 3, Lightroom 2,3&4 and Photoshop PS5, I nearly use all aspects of these programs.

    My complaint and debate with Adobe and Mircosoft is that we as users should have the right to own a hard copy of the disk and receive updates on their latest version. That being said, why must I or any of us be denied use of their software due to their new exclusive “CLOUD” only use? Who made them GOD and masters of the computing universe?? We will ALL be entrapped forever by monthly payments if we do not choose to upgrade and even then if we do not upgrade. I see this as just another unfair marketing manulipation of users that made these companies and their founders Very, Very RICH, well indeed beyond our wildest beliefs.

    As users we do not own their software as such yet, have use of it under the installation and purchase agreement through licensed distributers . However, we are not subject to a constant subscription fee arrangement for use of what we purchased under the current version(s). As, I enter retirement age cost of living savings are a necessity for me and others and I resent having to pay for an on going subscription or lack of support for their products. I am talking about any new versions I might choose to purchase. The “CLOUD” is just another imaginary marketing illusion that some next hacker will burst their bubble on and ours too.

    I hope that Adobe or Microsoft has the courage to enter into and answer my debate. I am not betting on it.

    10019 NYC, NY

    • Jack says

      Thank you Chris for working late. If this is the way of Adobe and Microsoft, what then prevents Apple from charging me a monthly subscription for my operating system? Or Dell, HP, Sony, for “computer usage” contracts? Or Google a “service fee”? Or Epson a per page printing fee? Where doe it end?

  16. says

    While this trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down, I will do all in my power to never be forced into a contract by a software company.

    I cannot wait to see who jumps on this error, and offers a photoshop competitor that gets the support it needs to truly compete. I see GIMP’s popularity skyrocketing over the next year or so and hope they’re able to fill the gap left by Adobe. While Photoshop is only one of the programs, it is the only one I use with any regularity and have purchased three of the last four versions… No more I guess.

    Adobe, ya done screwed up.

  17. says

    Hello Again;

    My email box is jammed with responses, way too many to answer tonight. I am somewhat overwhelded by your response. It seems to me as I have spot read several of these emails that we are collectively on the same page. I will address each response as best possible tonmorrow. Thank You All Kindly

    10019, NYC, NY USA

  18. Keith says

    How will CC cope with backwards compatibility?

    For example when camera raw (CS 5.5 to 6.0 and LR 3 to 4) changed the basic sliders there was an incompatability between the two editing methods.
    You could still tweak a previously edited image by using the older version of the software without having to start again in new version.

    If/when a similar change happens to CC in the future and with continuous updates will you be able to have more than one version of a product installed?

  19. Jim Kendall says

    What happens when you stop your monthly tribute to Adobe? Do you have any use of the program that you had already ransomed up to that point? Or do they kill the victim & get rid of all the earlier evidence?

    At least when you buy/rent the former programs you were able to use it as long as its tools were still useful. EXCEPT WHEN; They do something similar to what they did to me just last month with an earlier version of Acrobat that I had, & I couldn’t upgrade to the newest version as they they ended the upgrade timeline with no notice.

    They blocked my reinstall of Acrobat Pro7 after an upgrade of my HDD storage capacity. They told me it was no longer compatible because I was trying to use it with Windows 7 (which I had been using already since it was released with no problems).

    I hope that this goes the way that Netflix & several other greedy bastards learned,; that sooner or later even computer junkies can break the habit!

    good luck everyone.

  20. Jerry says

    I believe clouds are created by hot air, same thing here! This is the equivalent of leasing a car, you pay a lot and end the end you have nothing!

  21. says

    Hello All:

    We all need to write and or email Abobe and give them plenty of “blow back”. So much so, that it causes them to reconsider making Creative Suites and particularly Photoshop CS7 available on a disk. For Adobe this is only about the dollars ($50×12=$600) annually. This is the cost more or less of what the new software would cost if you purchased it. Now we are stuck in a never ending lease arrangement.

    Can they do it? Yes! That is how the “Robber Barons” built America, it called “Capitalism”. This intellictual property after all is theirs. I for one will never subscribe to any Adobe product if they exclusively hold a gun to my head with the “Cloud” only.

    New York, NY 10019

  22. Kent Wilson says

    Someone knowledgable about CC and Adobe’s marketing plan (not me) should write a petition and publish it so people sharing these views can sign it to express their views to Adobe that a CC subscription is a ripoff. I would be happy to sign it. As I recall, Adobe sent out a questionnaire asking about interest, how much you’d be willing to pay, etc. I indicated I wasn’t interested , but the questions were framed in a way that made subscription look attractive.

  23. Anthony says

    I apologise in advance to those of a nervous disposition.

    The elephant in the room here is the issue of copyright theft and the existence of tens, perhaps hundreds of thousands of people who use Creative Suite but don’t pay for it. Illegal software is easy to find, whether it is on file sharing web sites, OEM software that is sold in violation of Adobe’s contractual stipulations or by sharing between friends. There is also the misuse of discounted software such as educational licenses that are used by people who are not actually in the education system.

    People who pay nothing to use Adobe software, or who lie to get educational discounts that they don’t qualify for, are not entitled to comment. They are certainly not allowed to complain. If they don’t need or can’t afford Adobe CS there are plenty of cheaper competing packages available.

    If you do need CC, you are going to have to pay for it. That seems entirely fair and reasonable to me.

    I have been an Adobe customer since the late 1980s and have always purchased official copies of Adobe software and used it in strict conformance with the conditions of the license. I am extremely unhappy with the idea that the software I pay for, contributing to its continuous improvement, can be used by freeloaders who contribute nothing.

    I see nothing wrong with Adobe’s proposals for the future and will be embracing them, just as I intend to embrace Microsoft’s offer of Office software in the cloud. For those of you who have enjoyed using Adobe software for free, by stealing it, I have no sympathy at all.

    • says

      I own CS5, have not stolen it and there are plenty of us out there who do own Photoshop and are very very annoyed about Adobe’s greed. I am an amateur photographer and have used Photoshop for many years and now a pensioner with dwindling funds so will not be paying out to Adobe’s cloud, I certainly could not afford it.
      Will have to stay with CS6 (intend upgrading to CS6 soon) before it disappears.
      Its all greed, greed, greed on behalf of Adobe.

      • Anthony says

        Hi Sheila. I took a look at your web site. Your work is very impressive indeed.

        However, I wonder why you feel you need Adobe CC. You seem to get along perfectly well with CS5 or whichever previous version you use. Does an amateur photographer, even one working to such high standards, really need CC?

        Do you really need CS6 for that matter? Why on earth would you pay for CS6 when there are so many good and cheaper alternatives?

        Adobe has already stated it will support CS6 in the future. You will probably be able to continue using it for a very long time. Any new camera you buy will come with its own RAW converter, so the built-in obsolescence of Adobe Camera RAW need not affect you.

        CS and CC are professional packages designed for people who are creative professionals. They are not aimed at amateurs, nor are they priced to appeal to amateurs. The improvements in the CS packages and now CC are the ones that are requested by professionals and paid for by them.

        As a professional I don’t hesitate to upgrade to the latest version, and the cost seems very reasonable to me. It accounts for a very tiny proportion of my business turnover and a fraction of the cost of owning a car. It really is that trivial.

        In summary, I am sorry, but I cannot see what you have to complain about.

  24. Leslie says

    Just curious how these cloud only apps will work in areas that do not have unlimited internet service such as Alaska.

    • Anthony says

      Perhaps you would like to place an estimate on the proportion of Adobe CS users who actually need CC *and* are located in areas without unlimited internet service?

      What would prevent these people from continuing to use CS6?