indiSYSTEM AIRjib and AIRjib XL at NAB 2012

I stopped by the indiSYSTEM booth at NAB 2012 to check out some of their latest gear.  A couple of cool and very affordable new products are the AIRjib and AIRjib XL.


For those looking for a lightweight and compact jib, the AIRjib models are very appealing.  These jibs are counterweighted by 1-liter or 2-liter bottles.  The systems collapse and are setup tool-free.  The AIRjib is so compact that it will breakdown to within carry-on luggage requirements.

Check out more details in indiSYSTEM’s website.



  1. Cory says

    This seems like a great portable jib from the video, but no mention of the strength or materials used. With those round tubes, I’m a bit concerned about flexing under weight or in wind. How did it seem in person?

    • says

      I was pretty impressed with it; however, I don’t think it’s something you want to push their weight limits for. Additionally, with it being so light, I don’t know that you would want to work in high winds with it. That said, I think it could be very use for remote location work. While I was at the booth, there were some guys from REI foaming at the mouth over the portability of it and the counterweight integration, which would allow them to hike it to remote locations and take a couple of empty coke bottles that they would then fill up in a stream. Pretty cool stuff.

  2. alex says

    whats the difference between these jibs and the indiGO-JIB? Do these have a monitor platform to mount a monitor? Is the indiGO-JIB able to handle more weight? Is the indiGO-JIB able to achieve a higher height? Their website leaves the specs vague.