5D Mark II to Remain in Lineup, Completely New Model Instead?

Canon Cine DSLR

A tipster recently sent me word that the Canon 5D Mark II would remain in Canon’s lineup in the near future.  However, another new DSLR model would be released soon (instead of a 5D Mark III) and would be a step-up from the 5D Mark II.

Could this be the mystery Canon camera that appeared in Kenya a couple weeks ago?

Recent spec leaks have suggested a more impressive AF and video capabilities that Canon may not be willing to part with for a sub-$3000 price point that the 5D-line has settled into.

Of course, if Nikon really delivers the D800 with the specs we think it will have, Canon may find itself between a rock and hard place.  That, and the fact that the Canon 5D Mark II is a 3.5-year-old camera that’s ripe for replacement.

Hopefully, we’ll know something before NAB 2012 though.

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  1. says

    Hopefully the now official D800 will “force” Canon to release the 5D Mark III WITH Improved Features… (for both, stills and video)

    The 22 “magic” MP count (exact 1/3 scaledown for Full HD video in a 3:2 sensor) and Improved Low Light capabilities would be AMAZING.

  2. hari says

    i am so much confused to take ? in both camera niko800d and cannon 5d which 1 is better 1 to take , which is best features , plz suggest me …………………………
    waiting 4r ur reply