Fuji X-Pro1: Official Specs Outed w/ 16MP and 3 Prime Lenses

Fuji X-Pro1

Along with the leaks of the Nikon D4, the new Fuji X-series mirrorless camera leaked out today.  The X-Pro1 may very well be the interchangeable lens camera we’ve all been waiting for ever since the X100 was announced.

The Fuji X-Pro1 will feature a 16MP APS-C image sensor that was custom developed for this camera.  It builds upon the X100 with a second-generation hybrid viewfinder, a new filter array and Fuji’s EXR technology. The top image is believed to be a legitimate image of the new camera.

It appears that it will launch with three new prime lenses:

  • 18mm (27mm equivalent) f/2.0
  • 35mm (53mm equivalent) f/1.4
  • 60mm (90mm equivalent) f/2.4

I expect to see more of this new X-Series model at CES 2012.  Stay tuned for the latest.

[via Wells Fargo & Photo Rumors]



  1. sjms says

    the X100 was an excellent proof of concept product. i did find though the X10 to be a much more useful camera overall. this no intercangeable lens model will be an interesting option.

  2. says

    A Fuji X100 interchangeable lens??? It sounds great. Maybe I am going to sell my C3 and switch to Fuji. I guess that Fuji has learned a lot with the comments of professional photohraphers about the X100, so the X Pro1 could be a huge surprise.

  3. tony wilson says

    just had my hands on this fuji camera it is superb.
    reminds me of the contax g2 film camera.
    expensive but the quality is all in your hands.
    if cameras of this quality innovation and power keep coming mirror slr’s will be dead within 3 years.