Nikon Annual Report Cites “New Generation Digital Cameras” in “New Market Sphere”

Nikon Annual Report 2011

Nikon’s 2011 Annual Report was made available yesterday.  In the Imaging Company section, the Annual Report discusses the continued growth of DSLRs and how sales were good, but could have been better if not for the supply shortage caused by the earthquake in Japan.

With an optimistic look toward the future, the Annual Report cited what is almost certainly Nikon’s new mirrorless, interchangeable lens camera, as noted below.

Nikon has almost completed development of new generation digital cameras that it began working on several years ago as products that would pioneer a new market sphere. Nikon is currently monitoring world market trends as it considers the appropriate timing for the launch of these new products.

Nikon Mirrorless Camera

Nikon Mirrorless Camera - Codename X810

Nikon also pushed the notion that it has no plans of backing off other markets, aiming to be number 1 for compact cameras in Europe.  Citing Nikon’s success in the US, Nikon’s President of Imaging Company had this to say about growth in Europe:

Although the United States is the world’s largest compact digital camera market, it is spread over a very wide geographic territory. Consequently, half- hearted measures will not lead to a successful increase in market share. With this in mind, we focused on three key market expansion policies: (1) the development and launch of products suited to the U.S. market; (2) the rollout of aggressive television advertising campaigns to raise brand awareness; and (3) the rebuilding of a seamless array of sales channels covering the entire U.S. market, from specialty stores to mass-merchandise chains. Through this successful approach, Nikon gained the top market share in the United States for compact digital cameras. By leveraging this kind of experience, I intend to provide comprehensive leadership as we strive to make Nikon the No. 1 compact digital camera brand in Europe. Already in Europe our campaigns are proving very popular and Nikon’s position is gradually improving.

Nikon Annual Report 2011

Nikon Annual Report 2011 Excerpt

The entire report is available for your perusal at Nikon’s global website.