Nikon Mirrorless Camera Coming Next Month?


We may be seeing an entirely new Nikon mount next month.  Above, you see the lens mount of the Nikon mirrorless project camera, believed to be known internally as the X810.

According to Nikon aficionado Thom Hogan, the launch of a Nikon mirrorless camera utilizing a 1-inch, 2.7x crop sensor is imminent. Sources tell him that a launch of the camera (that goes with the leaked lens mount above) is likely to happen around the end of September, but certainly before CES rolls around in January.

The new camera is expected to launch with three lenses in the system – a “wide angle prime, kit zoom, telephoto zoom.”

Of course, there’s no word on pricing or final availability; however, a September launch would presume that these will start shipping in time to make the holiday rush in November and December.

[Thom Hogan via PetaPixel]



  1. David says

    I think Nikon is missing the boat here. They should make their mirrorless an APS-C sensor utilizing their f-mount lenses. Then they could make one collapsible “pancake” kit zoom lens to create a compact system for everyday use & all their existing dslr users could use all their existing lenses for specialized types of photography. I guess that might kill the d3100 & d5100 sales though!

  2. says

    I’m probably just being unrealistic but, on behalf of all the Nikon FILM camera owners who feel they’ve been left high and dry with a heap of expensive lenses and no budget for a D3 etc, I would love it if Nikon made a FULL FRAME or, even better a 25 x 35 format (A4) simple mirrorless camera. I don’t need all the whistles and bells; it could be as simple as an FM for me.
    Think about it, Nikon, it would be in another league and needn’t cost a limb.

  3. Grant says

    I assume Nikon will 1st come with the DX mirror less model and later with a FX body.
    Nikon has been famous and faithful to their old customers and surely continue doing so.
    Many years ago, Nikon made a similar mirror less body 24×36 looking like the Zeiss Ikon.
    I assume this Mirror less Nikon is nothing more than the X200 Fuji with an interchangeable lens. Just wait and see who of the two has better option and Price.
    The Fuji X100 is a fantastic camera accept for their fix lens.
    With the economy crisis, it’s who offer the Best Price & Option for the future investment.

  4. Scott says

    Gosh. With an APS-c sensor, or even 4/3, an interchangeable lens mirrorless Nikon would be exciting.
    With a tiny 2.7x sensor it sounds like an expensive point and shoot, a curiosity maybe, but not something I’m looking forward to. Sad.

  5. Grant says

    Another product bound to fail when Nikon comes with a 2.7x sensor and different lens fitting.
    Completely out of their Tradition (All Nikkor lens fits all Body).

    Especially when people are looking for a full Size sensor for Low light environment and Mirror less , this Nikon is bound to fail.
    If only Leica reduces their price and have an adapter for different lenses,…. that will be the Ultimate solution.