Final Cut Pro X Annoncement Video [Updated: Better Video]

(I use the word “video” very loosely.) However, I’ve embedded 4 videos below that contain almost all of the FCP X announcement. The videos were shot from the pocket of my camera bag and I was not monitoring the framing (because I was live-blogging the event and taking photos at the same time) – so I’m really sorry about that guys.

Dear Joby, feel free to kick me next time you see me for not bringing a Gorillapod with me.  Anyway, you can see a somewhat reasonable amount of the projector and hear the commentary pretty clearly, which will give you a little better insight into the new software (perhaps better than my cursory commentary in the live blog post).

If you missed the live coverage, there are plenty of screen shots there, along with a summary of most of the key new features.  Between the live blog coverage and these videos, you should have a decent idea of what FCP X looks like and how it functions.

[UPDATE: Check out these two videos for a better angle of all the important stuff about FCP X. A big thanks to Puas, who left a comment about these videos a little while ago on the original live blog post.]



I broke them up into 4 parts to get under the YouTube 15 minute limit.  For those of you on an iOS device, you can watch them at the following links on YouTube: (Video 1, Video 2, Video 3 and Video 4).

Video 1:

Video 2:

Video 3:

Video 4:



  1. Sjoerd says

    Why was the camera in this stupid angle. Only the video of the Audi was correct and that was the peace which was not needed to view

    • Jay Carr says

      Party foul. Let’s be happy he was able to get us a video at all, eh? Either that or you can wait for an official video from Apple…if that even happens…

    • TimmyTot says

      Hey Sjoerd, If you’re going to be rude, don’t misspell piece with “peace”. It’s wrong on a bunch of levels.

      Thanks Eric!

  2. says

    Thanks for sharing these clips with us. Any info is exciting as we are not as lucky as you to be there!

    @Sjoerd. Maybe crazy angle, but you can hear the info and see a bit of the interface. And I think you mean “piece”.


  3. Darren says

    You did a great job. It was the only solution on the net that provided timely information.


  4. hauke says

    Thank you very much! Those videos really gave me more insights than the text coverages.

  5. says

    Hi Eric,

    Thank you for uploading this video, it was a great watch and i’m looking forward to testing out the new FCP.

    Ignore the ungrateful schmucks complaining, it’s probably good they don’t watch these videos anyway as it will simply give them more in life to complain about if they do end up watching. You can never satisfy some individuals.



  6. says

    Thanks for this post! I’ve been skeptical that the new FCPX is too consumer-friendly…but this helps ease my mind a little bit. I’d be interested to know your insight on whether or not you think this version will compromise the integrity of FCP Studio.

  7. Jay Carr says

    Hey, I’m happy enough to have some audio. I mean, we can’t have the perfect shot every time, right?

  8. JVo says

    Thank you very much for taking the time to record the whole thing. It’s much better to be able to hear the presentation verbatim rather than bits and pieces of somebody’s recollection.

    I predict that the rest of the suite isn’t going away completely and they are following the model they did with iMovie: Start from scratch, get a baseline set of functionality and fill back in stuff in a couple follow-up versions. They are going to sell this a-la-carte at $299 because this will cover everything that Final Cut Express used to for the “prosumer” crowd, and also for the “solo-pro” crowd that are gobbling up the DSLRs with video. The rest of the suite will follow (perhaps without DVD Studio Pro) for the true production professionals.


  9. Paul says

    So is all soundtrack pro functionality built into FCPX? The direction Apple is going is making me nervous. Are the windows customizable? What about if you have a secondary monitor? That UI looks like a single window to me. What are we Windows 7?

    • Jay Carr says

      Did you see the program crash? No, we’re not Windows 7.

      Snide comments aside, I’ve been wondering the same thing. I’ve seen a couple of blogs from “insiders” who say that Apple is planning on developing the product further, so this isn’t the final version. I doubt they are going to trap us into one set up, as it makes little sense for the professional user…

      • Paul says

        I surly hope your right. I hate windows with a passion. I’m used to customizing my layout. No meant to be a snide comment. Just truth. Windows has primarily one single window for programs. Pro applications for Mac usually have multiple windows that the user can customize for the benefit of efficiency.

        From what I saw in the demo this is not the case. The insiders are talking primarily about functionality not necessarily the customization of the layout. Never-the-less we are all shooting in the dark until we can play around with the finished product.

    • Brady says

      They mentioned multiple monitors and customizable interface in the very beginning of the presentation. Should be set. :)

      • Paul says

        Did they show these features? My concern is just how (if a single window within UI) will it be as fully tweak-able as the current FCP.

        Just thinking through the current changes and how is applies to my workflow.

  10. says

    Cam angle aside, thank you for posting these overviews. It appears as if it will necessitate learning an entirely new and different NLE and I wonder how easy that curve will be after using FC pretty much the way it has been since its inception. Never the less, it is not the tool you use but the tool who is using the tool that counts.

  11. says

    Cam angle aside, thank you for posting these overviews. It appears as if it will necessitate learning an entirely new and different NLE and I wonder how easy that curve will be after using FC pretty much the way it has been since its inception. Never the less, it is not the tool you use but the tool who is using the tool that counts.

  12. Daniel says

    FCPX is going to be awesome! Thanks for posting the video – best coverage I could find!

  13. pls_dont_make_me_go_back_to_avid says

    Thanks a million for getting this up so quickly! have mailed the link to all my editor friends in the UK, so theres not much cutting going on in London right now!

    **I really hope the new trim tool can make me finally forget about Avid!!

  14. John Pooley says

    Looks like a fucking toy. What they did to imovie, is happening here. Sure they have some great features coming in, but the chrome sucks now, it looks plastic. Also, an events library? are you trying to dumb it down?

  15. K. Taylor says

    John Pooley,

    Are you serious? Did you even WATCH the video? You’re complaining about a UI update for an application that hasn’t changed substantially in twelve years! Did they add UI elements that obscure what the tools do? Did they remove the traditional editing timeline? Did they take up unnecessary space with chrome? No, no, and no. In fact, they made almost everything about the interface more obvious and easier to use, so far as I can tell.

    And the chrome does *not* looks plastic. You just hate it because it bears some resemblence to iMovie.

    And what’s wrong with an event library? Is it really such a problem that now, you won’t have to go back to the Finder every time you want to view any content that’s not in the current project you’re working on? God forbid anyone provide you with a new, useful set of ways to organize your video. God forbid every single time you open Final Cut, you don’t also have to open up the right project to have access to your files, and/or go all the way back to wherever they are in your file system and drag them back in.

    Did you actually give ANY consideration at all to the functionality and usability this upgrade will bring? Or do you just hate it because it’s no longer an ancient, intimidating behemoth that people are terrified to try and learn?

  16. Remy says

    Wow! As an independent director everything I hate or find frustrating in editing is immediately gone with FCPX. I might have to switch from Avid to FCPX because everything is so organized and there is now a big difference between the two products. Can’t wait until June, and I can’t wait to edit films with this program.

  17. Michael Tew says

    thanks so much for putting these videos up. I was apprehensive as well about Apple dumbing down the program….that does not seem to be the case. I do have some other apprehensions that I’ll keep to myself as this is just a sneak peek and I don’t have my dirty little hands on it to give it a complete once-over. Thanks again!!! So looking forward to the background rendering!!!