Think Tank Photo Digital Holster 10 V2.0 Review

The Think Tank Photo Digital Holster series is designed to handle one DSLR with a lens attached.  This makes for a lightweight setup when heading out for a casual day of activities and photography is not your primary objective.  It’s also ideal for those who are never without their DSLR.  I’ve been using the Digital Holster 10 V2.0 for a couple of months and have been pretty impressed with it so far.

The Digital Holster 10 is designed to hold smaller, entry-level DSLRs like the Canon Rebel T2i and the Nikon D3100.  The cool thing about the Digital Holster 10 is that it can extend at the bottom in order to accommodate longer lenses – like the 75-300mm lenses from Canon, Nikon and Sigma.

I have used the Digital Holster 10 extensively with the Nikon D3100 and 24-120mm f/4 VR lens with the hood attached, and it works great.  I also cheated a few times by putting a divider at the bottom of the bag just above the top part of the extension.  This allowed me to carry a DSLR with a standard kit lens or prime lens attached to the camera on the top half and the other lens in the bottom “extension” section.  Because the divider was in place, I didn’t have to worry about the lenses shifting and damaging each other.

As you would expect, the Digital Holster 10 is built to Think Tank Photo’s tough standards.  The fabric is a ballistic nylon for added durability under extreme conditions and the standard YKK zippers are the best zippers in the world.  I’ve put some Think Tank Photo bags through the ringer and those zippers are just ridiculously durable.  Even for a bag as basic and simple as the Digital Holster series, Think Tank Photo doesn’t take shortcuts.  It’s as tough and durable as the bigger Streetwalker HardDrive or the Airport Addicted bags.

The Digital Holster 10 comes with a removable shoulder strap that has a tough shoulder pad.  It can also be attached to all Think Tank Photo belts and Think Tank Photo bags with Modular Rails.  There are several smaller pouches and pockets on the Digital Holster 10 for carrying small items like memory cards, cell phones, batteries and chargers.  As with other Think Tank Photo bags, the Digital Holster series include a custom fit rain cover that can fold into the outer side pocket.


For people who carry their DSLR with them wherever they go (or sometimes only need a single camera and lens combo), but don’t necessarily want to carry a bunch of accessories too, the Digital Holster series could be the perfect bag.  It’s durable and very resistant to the elements, and Think Tank Photo’s basic black bag appearance doesn’t attract a whole lot of attention.  The Digital Holster 10 works great for those who need a low-frills and functional bag for an entry-level camera and lens (or two lenses if they’re small).

If you are looking for something for a larger DSLR like the Nikon D700, D300s, Canon 5D Mark II or 7D, then check out the Digital Holster 20 V2.0 that’s built for these bigger DSLRs.  It essentially has all the same features of the Digital Holster 10, but is just upsized for a more prosumer package (including up to 70-200mm lenses).

You can find the Digital Holster 10 and other Digital Holster series camera bags on Think Tank Photo’s website.

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All images credit: Think Tank Photo



  1. says

    Neither the Digital Holster 10 or 20 make any mention if they fit a DSLR + attached battery grip. Do you have any insight on this, Eric?

    • says

      @Vincenzo – I think you’ll need one of the Digital Holsters models for “Pro” bodies, which is basically the same form factor as most DSLRs with a battery grip attached. Look on Think Tank’s site for the Digital Holster 40 or 50.

  2. Hugh says

    I have the model 50 Digital Holster and my D700 without the grip fits well…

    The Think Tank web site offers this within their reviews of the 50, “If you have a nikon D700 or pro dslr, get the model 50v2. Without a grip, my D700 fits comfortably, and snuggly with it. Extra length is good for other small items. Wish it could be made of water-resistant material.”