Think Tank Photo Airport Addicted V 2.0 Review

The Think Tank Photo Airport Addicted V 2.0 is a professional quality camera bag that’s designed for serious travelers.  The Airport Addicted V 2.0 is big.  The size is intended to allow you to carry the maximum amount of gear possible on a plane as a legal carry-on.

The Airport Addicted V 2.0 has backpack straps that hide away behind velcro panels when not in use. Additionally, it has handles on the top and side to allow you to tote it with one hand for short distances.  It’s made of tough material that looks nice and professional too.  What I really like about the looks though is that it does not look like a camera bag.  It really looks like a typical black carry-on bag that will blend right in with all the other travelers out there.  Very unassuming.

Airport Addicted V 2.0 Features and Specs

The Airport Addicted V 2.0 is durable, handles well for its size and holds a ton of gear.  Here’s a basic rundown of what the bag can hold and what it will do for you:

  • Security cable and lock.
  • Front clip secures laptop case.
  • Front bellowed pocket holds laptop case.
  • When laptop case removed, front pocket can be used.
  • Holds 400 2.8 and 300 2.8 lenses.
  • Removable 15″ laptop case
  • Laptop case fits easily under the seat.
  • Inside organizer pockets.
  • Business card holder.
  • Top pocket for sundries.
  • Comfortable shoulder harness.
  • Tuck away shoulder straps.
  • Shoulder Harness Pocket
  • Removable waistbelt.
  • Top, side, and bottom handles.
  • Side attachment point.
  • Monopod and Tripod attachment system.
  • Locking zipper sliders.
  • Side stretch pocket.
  • Doesn’t look like a camera bag.
  • Raincover included.

Packing Up the Airport Addicted V 2.0

As noted above, the Airport Addicted V 2.0 holds a lot of gear.  Here is a list of everything (I think this is covers it all) I was able to stuff into the bag and still had room left over:

  • Canon EF 50mm
  • Lensbaby
  • Honl Photo Speed Strap System (straps, gels, modifiers)
  • PC Remote Cable
  • Honl Photo Grid
  • Misc Cables
  • Canon EF-S 18-55mm
  • Nikon SB-24 flash
  • Nikon SB-26 flash
  • Canon 420EX flash
  • Canon Rebel XSi w/ Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8 attached
  • Wireless triggers and receivers
  • Battery grip AA holder
  • Canon 540EZ flash
  • Canon EF-S 18-55mm IS lens
  • Canon film body
  • Canon Rebel XT w/ 80-200mm lens attached
  • Misc memory cards, film, batteries, fuses, etc.
  • 15″ Laptop

Artificial Intelligence 15 Laptop Case

In addition to the Airport Addicted V 2.0 bag, you also get the Artificial Intelligence 15 laptop case, which fits nicely into the front pouch of the Airport Addicted V 2.0.  On its own, this case will set you back $49.

It’s a padded laptop case that will carry up to a 15″ laptop computer.  It’s also got a front pocket for accessories like pens, notepads, memory cards, small cables, etc.  The Artificial Intelligence 15 can be carried either vertically or horizontally, and comes with a shoulder strap to carry tote-style.  Not a bad little bag in its own right.

Air Travel Tips

If you aren’t used to flying with your camera gear or have ran into some snags before, Think Tank Photo has a great PDF that you can download for free, which features a ton of quality information from seasoned flying photographers.  They provide tips on how to get your gear on board and keep it safe while flying.  A couple of these include asking the flight attendant if you can store your gear in the front closet on regional sized jets; and wearing slip-on shoes when you fly in order to get through the security check faster and back to your gear on the other side.

Here’s the link to the page where you can get the PDF:

Airport Addicted V 2.0 Comfort

In addition to the capacity and convenience of the Airport Addicted V 2.0, it’s also designed with comfort in mind.  The shoulder straps have plenty of padding so they don’t cut into your shoulders.  However, it’s big and it’s clearly intended for big jobs that require a lot of gear.  This is not a day hike kind of bag.  I have been using it to move lighting gear and extra lenses when setting up shoots on location.  It works well for this purpose.  I sure would not want to carry that much gear around all day.  I suppose it’s about as comfortable as can be though.  If you are going to do some serious walking with the bag, you might consider one of Think Tank Photo’s models that features roller wheel.


I think the Airport Addicted V 2.0 is a fantastic bag at what it does.   No one else really has photographers in mind the way Think Tank Photo does when designing their equipment bags.  Instead of just throwing some padding and velcro panels into a rectangular box, Think Tank Photo sweats the details and provides a truly useful product that photographers will truly appreciate.

The Think Tank Photo Airport Addicted V 2.0 retails for $329.00 and is available direct from

Think Tank Photo Special Deal and Free Bag

If you are interested in the Airport Addicted V 2.0, Think Tank Photo has a special deal for Photography Bay readers.  Essentially, if you spend $50 or more on gear from Think Tank Photo and, during checkout, their system will automatically let you select a free camera bag (e.g., Lens Changer 50) along with your order.  Go to Think Tank Photo using this link and follow the on-screen instructions.



  1. K W B says

    Why do i get the impression that you have no actual experience traveling with this bag?


    • says

      @KWB – You’re right with your impression that I have no experience traveling with the bag. As noted in the post above, I have been using the bag as a gear tote to and from shoot locations, mainly stuffing it full of lighting gear and lenses. I haven’t had the opportunity (or need) to fly anywhere with it yet. However, I have used the Think Tank Streetwalker Harddrive while traveling. It’s a bit smaller than the Airport Addicted V 2.0, but it was a breeze to fly with. The Streetwalker is also very unassuming as a typical-looking backpack or carry-on bag.

      In the event that you have had the opportunity to travel with this bag, I’d love to hear your impressions.

  2. says

    I have a Think Tank International bag similar to this, which I recently took to the US loaded with two camera bodies, a vertical grip, four lenses and two flashes, etc. etc. It was reassuring to know the equipment was protected. But before I left Paris, security at Charles de Gaulle did make me take the camera bodies and Carl Zeiss lens (which are heavy; each was in a black case) out, while they examined them, one by one. No such issues in the US, surprisingly enough. They never even unzipped the bag!

  3. says

    I use it for a half of year and I must say that is a great bag. I use it also on planes, no problem at all. The only weak point which I found is the bottom part. I wish to be more solid and protected.