Canon 3D Rumor Refreshed

Rumors of a Canon EOS 3D have been around since the original Canon 5D was released (maybe before it was released).  The film-based EOS 3 was a very popular camera, and still brings a decent penny in good, used condition.  Canon Rumors received a tip from a confidential source yesterday that brings a bit of a resurgence to the fabled EOS 3D.

I’ve been told, that the EOS 3D is coming. My source sad to me it will be announced after the replacement from the Nikon D300. It is going to be something between the 1D MarkIII and the 50D/60D. The Body is similar to the 5D MarkII. He won´t me to tell something about the specs but said that the D300/D400 will be blown away.

Aside from the totally bogus image above (that’s been floating around the blogosphere and forum world for a couple of years), there’s really no support for such a rumor over the past couple of years that Canon gear heads have been pining for this camera.

Frankly, it seems a bit of an ill fit in Canon’s current lineup.  The camera would presumably be situated between the Canon 5D Mark II and 1D/1Ds models.  That’s really just spreading the top end of cameras a little too thin.

Enough of my commentary . . . What do you think?  Is there a place for a Canon 3D?  What’s the price point need to be for you to buy one?



  1. Eric says

    If Canon were smart they’d release a sub $2000 full frame camera instead of focusing on something above the 5D Mk II. I imagine a good number of people would switch to Canon in a heartbeat if they offered a camera with near 5D Mk II specs in a Pentax K20D-type package. At least I know I would.

    I still think the Canon 50D/Nikon D300 type of camera will go the way of the dodo in a few years after full frame cost comes down. Wildlife shooters are about the only group I can think of that might want cropped sensor + pro build quality if prices are within a few hundred of each other.

  2. says

    I hope something like this actually comes out. I’ve heard rumors of Sony prepping for a cheaper full-frame camera too.

    Either way, I’m still going for a 5D MK II. They’re so hard to get your hands on. I figure that if a full-frame camera like this comes out MK II bodies may stop moving so quickly and Canon will try to replace the body ASAP.

  3. says

    I don’t know the history of the 3D rumors, but I would love to see a full-frame Canon DSLR with most of the features of the 5D Mark II (and perhaps a higher-spec autofocus system with – dare I say it?- Eye Control Focus!), but without the video system that has so many people wetting themselves with excitement. I shoot still pictures; I don’t have the hardware, software, or mindset to shoot videos. If I needed a camera for that purpose, I’d buy a camcorder.

  4. ted says

    enough with the new camera’s ,bring us updated lenses that can cope with the IQ that the sensor offers,i have a 5d2(yup my credit is still good..or was) and i put the 100-400 for sale within days,it served me well on the 40d but man…absolutely awful on the mk2,how about you do a silent upgrade and use that fancy new coating on all the lenses,just a thought
    ps:i don’t think there will be a 3d,mostly because it’s already here in the form of the 5d(well,minus a few features here and there :P ) i’m hoping for a fast rate/full frame/10-12mp/excellent high iso replacement for the 1.3x 1d III

  5. Basheer Ahmed says

    I am using a 20D for some time and thinking of swiching to 5D mark11
    seek your advice .I am not a pro,a beginer

    • says

      @Basheer – You say “I am not a pro,a beginer.” If you are a beginner, I would invest more time and money into learning (e.g., books, seminars, etc.) and shooting than gear. The 20D is still a great camera. If you haven’t outgrown it yet and it’s still working, then there’s no real reason to upgrade.

  6. says

    More intelligent AF system to replace the ancient 5D’s, more frames per second firing rate, better weather sealing and keeping the resolution of the 5D Mk II? Would make me want one real bad.

  7. eric says

    would be great if they turned the video capturing HD power into HDR capture and a much higher burst rate of fps.

    i mean u have a look at that one camera doing 60 fps+ even tho its crappy res its still something a lot of pro photographers would love to do capture everything very fast and not miss a beat.

    better autofocus would be great something faster and smarter along with some of the cool features some of the smaller cameras have ( swivel/tilt screen hopefully OLED) etc.

    hell why not add a mini SSD drive in there as well?/ get rid of those old fashioned mirrors even with the dust cleaning system you still have to clean your camera if you change lenses a lot. not to mention it takes a lot of energy/makes a lot of noise. built in wireless file transfer. a more water/dust/drop proof body. and a much longer lasting/faster charging battery! heck i could keep going on :) rant and rave to me some of ur ideas too !

  8. says

    A full frame 7D please Mr Canon. I could earn a living with that. Please no more crop frame. The same price as the 5D2 would be helpful!!

  9. colhoph says

    They need to do something to salvage the pro-shooter market. If you google around…lots of pro’s are dumping their Canon equipment for Nikon, due to the horrible AF of the 5DMKII.

  10. fotogeek says

    this is my opinion, Canon will release the next full-frame and call it the 5Dmark3. it will basically be a full-frame 7D. they are not going to re-invent the wheel because the 7D is a class on it’s own, 24fps, dual-digix IV, updated AF, 8-frames/sec…etc.

    they will reserve the 3D brand when their next generation of the c-mos sensor, the digix-5 is released.

    cameras are like cel phones, there are plenty of technology out there to make the best, but they slowly creep it on us for the profit margins!