Nikon D400 and D750 Speculation

Digital Rev has a new, suggestive article entitled The Nikon D400 & D750 Revealed or Just Viral Marketing?  While the title would lead you to believe that there’s been some kind of leak or specific promotion on the D400 and/or D750 (neither of which have been confirmed by Nikon), the post appears to simply be Digital Rev’s take on recent rumors, along with some fancy mockups and spec/wish list.

I’ve had several emails to this article, suggesting that it’s a leak of some sort.  Upon second glance, it seems to just be a racy title with no evidence of either of these cameras being revealed by Nikon, or evidence of viral marketing on behalf of Nikon.  In essence, it appears to simply be speculation.

We’re still waiting for something solid on the Nikon D400, Nikon D750 or Nikon D800.  Stay tuned.



  1. Andy says

    Both are fake. Now I’m not implying that D400 and D750 are fake, but those pics and stats are just plain fake. From the font/text alone you clearly can see what a sloppy Photoshop job it was. Photoshop anti-aliasing methods are easy to spot. Further on unsharpened images of the bodies imply improper downscaling and most likely altering of the image. And the reflections.. come on, how obvious is that!