Nikon D400

Rumors of a Nikon D400 have recently began to surface.  A couple of reputable sources, Thom Hogan and DPR forum user jeff-c, have alluded to a 16 megapixel CMOS sensor manufactured by Sony being placed in the D400. (via DPR)  While December 1 has been speculated as the announcement date for the past week or so, no confirmation has come yet.  jeff-c said that Nikon would announce a high-MP 135-size DSLR in about 45 days back around the end of October – so the first half of December looks pretty promising.

Thinking back to a little over a year ago, the announcement of a D400 makes more sense.  Recall that last Fall, Nikon announced the D3 and D300 together.  Both cameras were shockers and solid performers.  Imagine what a D4 (or D3x) and a D400 combo would be like – with the D4 at 24+ megapixels on an FX sensor and the D400 as a 16 megapixel DX DSLR.

Additionally, the D400, when announced, would almost certainly have the ability to capture HD video like its sibling D90.  In fact, I would expect the D400 video capabilities to be closer to that of the Canon 5D Mark II with audio-out capabilities and full 1080p capture.

And, while the timing is a little shorter than typically seen in Nikon’s DSLR cycle, the early (i.e., 12 mos. cycle) announcement of the 15 megapixel Canon 50D may force Nikon’s hand with the D400.

If the Nikon D400 isn’t announced in December 2008, you can almost bank on it for PMA 2009 though.

Stay tuned for the latest news and rumors on the Nikon D400.


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4/5/09 – Possible April 14, 2009 announcement.

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  1. says

    I’d be likely to believe it if not for the fact that Nikon’s been making a huge buzz about their upcoming “Big” announcement, expected in February during WPPI. It doesn’t seem like it’d be a smart move to have a major announcement in December, only to trump it two months later.

  2. Claus says


    D200 was announced Nov. 2005
    D300 was announced August 2007
    D400 in December 2008? –> Sorry, but not very probable

    Instead there will be a FF high-MP D3x (or whatever it is called)

  3. says

    Noooo yet that [edit] mpix! I’d rather have Camera with not more than 12Mpix but with ultra-low-noise and great dynamic range rather than another [edit] 16mpix matrice :/

    [Ed. – Try to keep comments family friendly please.]

  4. Pablov says

    The DSLRs cycles is not going to be fix along all the century, that’s is something we should have realized, so we shouldn’t expect the cycles to repeat exactly the same.
    It happens with almost every electronic device.

    Besides that, I hope Nikon have learned about implementing a feature in a poor way. I’m refering to the Movie mode.
    D90’s poor quality and 5D MK II lack of manual settings.
    Both suffered for lot of complains that manufacturers should have thought before. Specially Canon, wich put a better quality, but didn’t allow the user to set the controls.

    Regarding D400, Nikon should improve the resolution, keep the good features of D300, and include a Full HD Movie mode, with GOOD compression codec and format, at a good bitrate and frame rate, and obviously, with FULL MANUAL settings !!

    The D300 was a success, and the D400 could be another one if Nikon do the job correctly.

    Probably seen in Feb-March 2009

  5. Freeman says

    Amen to the Kyniek comment!!! We do not need more megapixals. We need better dynamic range and noise control. I have great 20 x 30 pics with a D70 at 6 megapixals. A d400 also needs a dx sensor. It is much cheaper to by wider lenses then it is to buy longer lenses. Fx sensors have their place and market, but the dx sensor has it’s own place as well.

  6. Annie Au says

    I am think Nikon will not announce the D400 & the D800 this year (2009). They may have problem to make it happen – better than the Canon’s. So I am considering to turn to Canon (within the next month or shorter). Everyone are welcome to join me.

  7. Nope says

    Just a heads up…the thread on dpreview that you cite “jeff-c” talking about a new sony sensor is from november 2008. There are much more recent threads on DPR with speculations about the D400…

  8. Anonamouse says

    hehe, aren’t rumours funny. 2 years. At least 2 years wrong.

    I’d probably buy the D400 (when it arrives). If only I could afforded it. Rumours are it’ll have the 24MP APS-C sensor made by Sony. But that’s just a rumour – hehe. :D