No Canon 1-Series Updates at PMA 2009

Contrary to prior rumors of a Canon 1Ds Mark IV and 1D Mark IV coming out soon, I received a tip from a reliable source today that there will be no Canon 1-series DSLRs released at PMA 2009.  This person explained where the information originated and I believe it to be accurate.

Unfortunately, that is all the info that I can reveal while keeping the source anonymous, which I agreed to do.  I can say, however, that I still expect a Canon Rebel XSi replacement to be revealed very soon.



  1. Adam says

    Great… another f*cking Rebel.

    Way to forget your pro lineup Canon.

    That D3 is looking better by the minute.

  2. Devin says

    Everyone has a “reliable source” on their information. I doubt that very many people really know about any updates.