Canon 1Ds Mark IV

There are only three certainties in life – death, taxes and rumors of new cameras.  Hence the latest rumor of a Canon 1Ds Mark IV around the corner.  Picked up on the forum via Slashgear.

Rumored specs include:

  • CMOS size 36x24mm
  • 21 megapixels
  • ISO 25-12800 (expandable to ISO 10, 25600, 51200)
  • 69-point AF EAC technology (do not know what this technology) (TTL-AREA-SIR II AF)
  • Flash Sync Mode: 1 / 4000 ESR (X high-speed flash sync?)
  • USB2.0 and external HD transmission
  • 4 to 3 and 16 to 9 on the two show
  • HDMI terminal. External monitor may display LV
  • Continuous rate of 6.8 per second
  • 2 DIGIC 4 processing chips
  • 24fps and 30fps 2 kind of video mode

Also, rumors of two new lenses were included:

  1. The new 100-400L F4.0-5.6 IS
  2. The new 50/F1.4 USM

Credibility?  Unknown.

This is a flyer on its own for now.  Granted, the 5D Mark II really changes the picture for the current 1Ds Mark III, which is in some ways inferior to a camera that is about 1/3 of its price point.  Perhaps this is more of a 1Ds Mark IIIn than a Mark IV given the presence of a 21 megapixel sensor in the rumored specs?

What do you think?


2/10/09: 1D Mark III replacement will not appear at PMA 2009. Read more.



  1. says

    The 5DMII definitely ends the current form factor of the 1DMIII marketability, but for who? Current design made the 1DMII an in-expensive crossover to the digital backs for studios. 5fps made this an interenting cross market solution for event photographers. 5DMII now reduces the costs for studio, but not for events. 3.9fps is too slow, period.

    (Step in 1DMIV… please…)

    So, what should the 1DsMIV have in features?

    I think the long term (beyond the next release) will be a 645 sensor with new glass that will be for full-frames to 645. The interview with the head of canon on confessed the 35mm glass is reaching the end of resolution on these high megapixel sensors. Its time for the 1Ds to move up and out of the 35mm world with new glass to for 645.

    BTW, whats the ratio between 35mm and 645? about 1.6?


  2. says

    In ca canon video they’ve said that with one DIGIC 4 can move the same data as two DIGIC 3 (ie. 1Ds MK3) so if they will use two DIGIC 4 I’ll think will bump up the resolution to at least 30MP or more to get close to medium format.

    Two DIGIC 4s represent a lot of “horse power” and I think won’t force anybody to upgrade if they don’t increase the resolution.

    21 megapixel is only feature i really know isn’t accurate, when is the last time canon kept the MP number the same in 1D or 1Ds series?

  3. says

    @Allex – The 1D Mark II was updated about 1.5 years after its release with the 1D Mark IIn. Both cameras featured the same 8.2 megapixel CMOS sensor.

    The Mark IIn added a handful of upgrades like a 2.5″ LCD from the 2″ TFT screen on the Mark II, an improved buffer, Picture Style settings and simultaneous writing to SD and CF cards.

    The similar upgrade path of the 1D Mark IIn is the reason I posited that this could be a 1Ds Mark IIIn rather than a Mark IV.

  4. says

    You got a point there but I still believe Canon will increase the resolution on this camera.

    Anyway I think will have to wait until February – March 2009 for this release.

    Will have to wait and see.

  5. Pablov says

    Would be great to see a 24fps and 30fps Movie mode,

    Also, Canon has to IMPROVE their Quality control regarding the sensors, to avoid so much DSLRs having so many defective (dead, stuck, hot pixels).

    It’s not a valid excuse that the more MP, the more chances to hav some defective pixels.

    We all know that a sensor might be not perfect. But having many defective pixels in a Prosumer or Pro camera is not acceptable.

    And to hide those pixels (remapping) is not a fair way to improve the quality, it’s just a way to workaround, not to improve and solve the issue.

    And please: let the 5D Mark II have an updated firmware with Full Manual settings for Movie !!!
    Canon will loose sales on lenses, because with Nikon lenses with an adapter you can set the aperture manually in the 5D MK II Movie mode

  6. Pablov says

    I forgot to mention: Bigger, 3,5″ LCD screen Please , with the necessary borders to attach protective transparent acrylics !!

  7. says

    Always when you get a new model canon withdraw the precedent of the market, that only factory that model, not compete with the new one, which is 3 to 4 functions as a little extra and the designed.