Nikon D400 Ads Surface

I was checking to see if anything had surfaced on the Nikon D400 and I noticed that an “exact match” (when you put your search term in quotes) search for “Nikon D400″ produced a number of new stories about the rumored camera, but also revealed that legitimate retailers, like B&H Photo, Adorama and, are buying ads in Google’s search results for the exact match term “Nikon D400″.

Here’s a screen capture of the search results for “Nikon D400″:

I recalled that B&H and Amazon did the same thing with the D90 back in August, just prior to its release.

For now, the links are going to search results pages for Nikon D400.

B&H Photo Nikon D400 Ad Link

Adorama Nikon D400 Ad Link D400 Ad Link

And, here’s the search query that I used.

The rumors and chatter are in full force now.  If anything new is coming from Nikon at PMA, I’m strongly leaning toward the Nikon D400 as their DSLR release.

As for specs, I’ve seen several rumors lately that compare it the Canon 50D, which if true, the Nikon D400 will stack up quite nicely:

  • 15 megapixels
  • 6 frames per second
  • ISO 12800
  • 51 point AF
  • 1080p video

While none of the sources I’ve read indicate substantial reliability on the specs, I think these make sense and are quite reasonable.  First, it crushes the Canon 50D, particularly if high-ISO performs anywhere near the D700.  Second, it’s enough of a step up from the D300 to be a true replacement as opposed to an “oh, we’ve got an upgrade” kind of release.

For the latest news on the D400, stay tuned to the Photography Bay front page and the Nikon D400 Rumors page.

What do you think?

Anyone heard of, seen, touched or dreamt of the Nikon D400?  Fire away in the comments below or email me at pic at contact [at]



  1. Elliot says

    Why would the (sony-derived) D400 sensor be anywhere near the high-ISO quality of a full-frame chip? Did Sony repeal the laws of physics?

    Don’t get caught up by self-created hype.

  2. Sloaah says

    The ISO wouldn’t be better than other same generation full frame chips, but it could be better than past ones, due to technological advancements. Even the D90 is a bit better than the D300; the D300 is better than the D40, which has larger pixels.

  3. Peter says

    No D400 at PMA. Will come later this year though. Nikon wil anounce a new body but this wil be placed between D60 and D90 because the gap (price) between those two is to big.

  4. Tom Richardson says

    As an owner of a D300 and a D70, I can’t say the best feature of the newer camera is the extra megapixels. The extra low light capability, the superior shooting controls, and the glorius 3 inch screen made the upgrade worthwhile.

  5. Asterix says

    I wanted a DSLR with a HD video feature and almost got a D90. Have used a Nikon D2x for years, the D90 felt flimsy in my hands and the HD video is a bit on the low side. D300 is good but still lacks the HD feature. Am glad to wait for the Nikon D400. Hoping the release date wont take long, am anxious to have a second back up Nikon body for my trusted D2x.

  6. George Whalen says

    Nikon has to surpass the Canon 7D in terms of megapixels and image processing, and keep the price down.