Nikon D90 Ads – Amazon and B&H Photo

Just a little note to point out that B&H Photo and Amazon are already taking out Google Adwords ads on the keywords “Nikon D90″.

When you search for “Nikon D90″ on Google, you’ll see the ads on the right side of the results page (opposite of the natural search results).  The ads are written by the companies and they bid on them for a given cost per click.

The Amazon page takes you to Amazon’s “search” page for the Nikon D90. . . .  No, there’s nothing exciting there yet.

B&H Photo’s ad takes you to a B&H “search” page for the Nikon D80.

We know it’s coming, so this is really just another hint of things to come.

For the latest news and rumors on the Nikon D90, stay tuned to Photography Bay’s Nikon D90 page.



  1. Dave Schoffstall says

    Perhaps, I missed it but, when you look past the ads for the D90 what I saw was the N90 camera.

  2. says

    @Dave – The point of the news was that large retailers are buying and writing ads for the Nikon D90 – even though it’s not been announced yet. Neither of them have listed the actual D90 for sale. Not a huge deal, but something to read between the lines a bit on.