iLovePhotos – Free Software and Free T-Shirt

iLovePhotos Intro Video from iLovePhotos on Vimeo.

iLovePhotos is free software for your Mac that helps you organize, share, and enjoy your photos based on the people who are in them.

Photography Bay covered iLovePhotos a while back when it was still in private beta. Now, iLove Photos is open to the public with several new features, including the following:

  • Progress bar while exporting a slideshow movie.
  • Performance gains while syncing with iPhoto.
  • Performance gains while auto-saving
  • Fixes for library saving and dequeuing face detection.
  • Getting started overlay the first time you launch ILP.
  • New log-in screen in the preferences.
  • Fade transitions for entering and existing fullscreen and slideshow views.
  • You can now import photos by dragging them from a finder window to iLovePhotos
  • After importing new photos into iPhoto, iLovePhotos will automatically import them.
  • Export all of your tags to iPhoto.

Check out the introductory video above, download a free copy of iLovePhotos and share your thoughts in the comments below.

Two lucky readers that take the time to comment on their experience with iLovePhotos will get an iLovePhotos t-shirt.

You can choose from:

Pink: M, L, XL

Gray: M, L, XL, XXL

You’ve got until midnight on Saturday, January 17, 2009, then I’ll pick two thoughtful posts and genuine posts regarding your honest impressions or thoughts (good or bad) on this software.

You can get the iLovePhotos software for free – here.



  1. says

    @Bengt – Good catch. I think Blue Lava needs to have some sort of license to offer the online component of their service; however, I agree that the Terms of Service appears to be much broader than what I would think is necessary to offer those services.

    I’ve got an email in to for their comment on this very good point you have raised. I’ll let you know what I hear back from them.

    In the mean time, I’ve copied below what I believe is the relevant language that you are referencing in the Terms of Service:


    You agree to abide by the User Content Policy which is incorporated into and considered part of these Terms of Service.

    You are solely responsible for any and all Content that you upload or otherwise make available using the Service. You warrant that you have the legal right to copy, display, distribute, and make derivative works from the Content that you upload or otherwise make available using the Service, that you have secured all appropriate permissions or releases from individuals appearing in the Content prior to uploading or otherwise making the Content available using the Service, and that you have the legal right to grant Blue Lava the right and license set forth in the paragraph below.

    Blue Lava does not claim ownership in the Content you upload, submit or make available using the Service. In order for Blue Lava to make the Service available to you, you hereby grant Blue Lava a royalty-free, non-exclusive, perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide right and license which may be sublicensed or transferred, to use, display, distribute, reproduce, copy, make derivative works from, modify, adapt, transmit, translate, perform, publish and sell your Content in mediums or formats now known or later developed.

    Blue Lava may work with third parties to provide users with the option to purchase DVDs, CDs, photo albums or photo books containing such users’ content or other users’ submitted Content. Blue Lava does not monitor such purchases or control the ultimate distribution or sharing of such Content by others.”

  2. says

    We have a swedish newspaper trying the same stunt but they suffered major resistance from netpeople. On my online magazine i always tell people that its important that they at least read about their rights to their online material so they don’t suddenly find their material on strange places…

  3. says

    Hello Eric and Bengt,

    This is Damian from Blue Lava Technologies, the makers of iLovePhotos.

    Thank you for your comments. We’ve actually been actively addressing that particular passage of text, that you have posted, with our lawyers as we speak.

    Addressing your concerns, the reason the license can be transferred is in the case of acquisition of our company, we need to be able to hand over these rights to the acquiring party.

    We would never otherwise transfer those rights to anybody.

    As for the third party services, we are working on tightening up the language and making it more user friendly.

    If you still have any questions, feel free to contact us at

    Many thanks for your time and we hope that you enjoy using iLovePhotos.

    Best regards,