iLovePhotos Does the Hard Work

Most photographers have plenty of photos that they need to keep organized — and they upload more all the time. But what if you had a photo program that could use facial recognition and visual tagging to cut down on the work you have to do? That’s exactly what iLovePhotos does, even to the point of allowing you to set up automatic emails for tags.

Unfortunately, iLovePhotos is still in a private beta. You can request an invite on their site, though, and it seems likely that they’ll be sending out a batch of invites soon. The software was officially launched today at DEMOfall 08.



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    Hi Eric,

    Thank you for posting about us.

    For more information about how our software works, please check out this video:

    The desktop software version of iLovePhotos will be available for download later on this week. Thank you for your patience!


    Blue Lava Technologies

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    “I started using this free software on my mac called iLovePhotos. It makes it easy to tag the people in my photos, its really cool! One thing it does automatically is assign tagged people in my photos to my contacts, so I really like the integration with the address book. This in turn affects my contacts on the iPhone: Imagine my surprise when I get a call from Maria, my fiancee, and her picture comes up, without me putting it there! Nice surprise.”