New Canon DSLR with 1080P Video

Several rumors have been circulating over the past several weeks that Canon will release a video-capable DSLR near Photokina.  RED recently let us in on its development plans for a DSLR replacement camera.

Yesterday, RED pushed the button a little harder stating:

While (insert code name) is not a replacement for Epic or Scarlet, it is strategically targeted at the DSLR space. As Nikon and Canon release their 720P and 1080P, respectively, DSLRs with video capture… RED has a more advanced view of the future. We look forward to rapidly pushing the “big guys” along in feature sets and capabilities.

[via REDUser forum]

We know the Nikon D90 shoots HD video at 720P.  Either RED is speculating or they know something we don’t about Canon; however, that’s pretty specific points to “speculate” about.  Sounds like somebody knows something to me.

Will the 5D Mark II be the Canon camera with 1080P video capture?



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    WOW, please please please let this be true. What better news for consumers than news that the D90 will have some competition coming to it SOON!