Canon 7D and Sony A900 Priced at Muller Photo

UPDATE: The Canon 7D has been officially announced.  Read more on Photography Bay’s Canon 7D Reviews and Resources. Check availability at

Muller Photo, a French electronics seller, has posted product pages for the Sony A900 and Canon EOS 7D.  While neither page divulges anything regarding the cameras’ specifications, Muller Photo lists prices for both cameras.

  • Their price for the Canon EOS 7D is EUR 2990 (Source).
  • And, their price for the the Sony A900 is EUR 2490 (Source).

Whether Muller Photo knows something the rest of us don’t remains to be seen.  Muller Photo could just be capitalizing on some free press by listing these product pages.

Stay tuned to Photography Bay’s coverage of these cameras for latest as we lead up to Photokina 2008:

Canon EOS 7D (PB rumors page).

Sony A900 (PB rumors and news page).



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    Donc on y voit plus clair, ce serait un 7D, mais à 2990 euros, quelle deception, enfin c’est pas grave, le 5D va donc baisser..


  1. […] de la 5D Han aparecido en varias web imagenes y precio de la nueva cmara. Uno de los enlaces: Canon 7D and Sony A900 Priced at Muller Photo – Digital Camera Reviews, News and Resources | Photogr… Despus de tanto tiempo de discutir sobre el precio y el nombre. Parece que el precio ser 2990 , […]