Sony A900 and Zeiss Lens Updates

The Sony A900 has been officially unveiled. See Photography Bay’s Sony A900 Announcement and Sony A900 Reviews and Resources for more info.

We all know that Sony’s flagship, the A900, will be announced at or around Photokina in August. Other than the announcement time frame, info has been hard to come by. Sony has been short on further details about the A900 since it announced the 24 megapixel sensor at PMA in January of this year. A big question that photographers seem to have surrounding the announcement of new, cutting edge cameras relates to their actual release date. Sometimes it can take quite a while for the camera to actually hit store shelves, which can be quite frustrating.

With that in mind, I recently received some info from a source, who wishes to remain anonymous, regarding the availability of the upcoming A900 and new Zeiss lenses.

First, the A900 will be available for purchase around the end of September or first of October.

In addition to the A900, we can expect at least 2 new Zeiss lenses:

  1. Zeiss 16-35mm f/2.8
  2. Zeiss 35mm f/1.4

Many Sony Alpha users have been begging for more high quality primes, so the Zeiss 35mm f/1.4 should fit the bill just fine. Additionally, it’s nice to see the 16-35mm zoom in Zeiss glass for those wide angles on the new full frame 24 MP sensor. At 24 megapixels, the A900 is going to need some high quality glass to make full use of all those pixels.

Finally, the price should be very competitive compared to the other DSLRs in the range of the A900. This adds a little more credibility to the previous rumors regarding the A900’s sub-$2000 price point.

For more on the Sony A900 flagship DSLR, stay tuned to Photography Bay’s Sony A900 page.



  1. tommy says

    I had a dream…. One camera, I saw it, was the one below 2000 and was called Sony Alpha 900, 24 MP, nice stuff, adn them the other one, whose name was not like 9 or anything similar, was well above $5000 and had tent-like-shaped hood over the true, special glass-made pentaprism, 36 MP and the photo quality similar to those old reputable 6×6 6×9 cameras with good optics.

  2. says

    I already own an a100 and thus far I am very impressed. I like the menu and operation far more than the Cannons. Live view on a full frame DSLR will be awesome. Might be the new camera of choice for the papparatzi. Just think if you don’t have to put your eye behind the view finder to take good shots of unwilling celebrities. The only thing that might make this camera better is if they were to support 2 or 3 memory cards in an Raid Array for faster shooting. The only thing the cannons will have on this will be speed. As last I read can only shoot 3 frames / second.

  3. BeachRider says

    I have an A700. The CMOS sensor has more exposure latitude than older ones. Faster memory sticks are already coming out for the memory-stick-camcorders that are starting to come out.
    I think that it is just a matter of Sony’s follow through on the iconic SLR-market.

  4. says

    I watched, waited in eager anticipation for the A900 and avoided buying all the intermediate updates from my A100. I’ve now had the A900 in hand – and what a brick it is. Mightily impressed by what I found, and with cash in pocket, I asked a simple question – lens compatability with my existing sony fit – answer – yes, they fit, but EVERY one vignettes severely.

    So, if you are running Sigma (and possibly other) lenses on your earlier Axxx series, try these out on the camera before you upgrade, otherwise, you are in for a rude awakening.

    This has severely delayed my upgrade until such time as the range of lenses I require increase in available range, and come down in price. As much as I would love the A900, I would lose too much if I chopped in my extant system.

    I gather some makes where a similar vignetting occurs, the solution is an in camea automatic crop. Seems Sony hasn’t – well, neither the dealer nor I could find anything which would help.

    The A900 is great, but not an upgrade option for earlier A series users – more a complete system change – and if Ive got to go that route, I will probably buy something with broader lens availability and general support from third party manufacturers.

  5. Bishan says

    I have recently taken Sony A900….. It’s a wonderful camera in daylight…..
    but in night i could not get good pictures …. can anyone tell me what would the reason…… what would be the best setting for night pictures……

  6. says

    For nightshots you need to slow down your shutter and or have a really fast lense. Normally in night shots auto model wont’ get it done. If you are trying to get shots of people ( like in a nightclub ), and still want to preserve the ambient light, you need to drag your shutter.

    To do this set your camera into Shutter prioriety mode. Adjust your shutter to 1/4 second or so. Then take a picture of the person with the flash. The flash will freeze the action of the person, and the long exposure will help to capture all the background light.