Sony A900 at Sub-$2000 Price Point

Sony A900The latest and greatest rumors on the Sony A900 put the price point below $2000.  This info comes third-hand through the DP Review forums from a Sony Rep:

He told me that the company had sent out preliminary pricing on the a900 about a month ago to the reps. He said its not nailed down yet but that they are aiming at the sub-$2000 market.

(via)  For more on the coming A900, be sure to check out Photography Bay’s Sony A900 page.



  1. says

    A900 camera will be the best choice for amateurs.
    I think Sony try to dominate in DSLR’s with new FullFrame 24mpix sensor and low price. It will be serious rival for the Canon 5D Mark2 and Nikon {D10?}
    I’m waiting A900:D…

  2. says

    I can’t wait for this camera. I’m very happy with my a700, but full frame,24 mpx, live view, and I don’t know what else…..
    mmmm Anybody knows if my a700 vertical grip that I already have, can work on the new one, the a900??????

  3. santipoker says

    Regarding camera equipment, why do people defend the makes as uf it were their mothers?

    Who cares whether Nikon or Canon wins? As a photographer for many years, I own Canon, Nikon, rolleiflex, Mamiya, Sigma Fuji cameras. They are all good.

    Photographers see photos in 12-16 bits, while customers only 2 bits. They either like it or don’t. I have never heard a customer say “wow that photo looks like it was taken on a Nikon, canon etc.”

    As an aside, regarding Sony a900. Everybody is wrong. I have a contact at Sony; Komei Machu
    Katukaka He says the a900 will be approx $4000usd.

    There is a smaller model fx for about $2000usd.

    Anyway save your $4000. The way I look at it, If I spend $4000 I had better defend it.

  4. Justen says

    If the price point is at $4,000 then it’s a bad move by Sony! Pro’s aren’t going to ditch all their high end equipment and switch to Sony…plain and simple! Sony needs to garner their own crop of consumers( most notably serious amateures and semi pro photographers)and bring them up as their DSLR product line grows. The only way to do this is to price their camera at an affordable price and market it against the D700 and the 5D Mark II. Konica Minolta or not, Canon and Nikon dominate the market and Sony’s relatively new to this game. This all might be wishful thinking because I’m excited to see the A900!

  5. David says

    There will be no 5D Mark II. Canon wants to stretch out the dollar value of the Mark III 1Ds for as long as is humanly possible. They will not produce a midrange full-frame that could possible threaten or otherwise decrease sales of the 21 megapixel pro model, thus the 50D to suffice until the marketable lifespan of the Mark III and Mark III1Ds have cooled off. Sony will not want to release the A900 (or A9) at $4,000.00. The whole point of the A700 was to convert midrange Canon and Nikon users and it has worked. Sony continues to gain a very serious reputation in the world of digital photography. By introducing the 24 megapixel full-frame model at around $2,000.00, A900’s will fly off the shelves as curious pros begin to dismiss their ego-driven loyalties to both Nikon and Canon (both great camera makers but both outrageously priced). I love Nikon, Canon, Fuji…they’re all great, but Sony is the only company that strives for simplicity and affordability without sacrificing an ounce of quality in the process. In the case of Sony’s Alpha cams, lower price definitely does NOT mean lower quality.

  6. Alekzo says

    I’d like to share this:
    (Your order for the Sony A900 #68198 was shipped via UPS on: 12/9/2008)

    Expected delivery date 12/11/2008.

    Can’t wait!

  7. Gerardji says

    Sony is a huge company capable of crushing Nikon and Canon. Digital cameras are electronic, not the machines Nikon and Canon used to make, and Sony is an electronics company. It doesn’t matter if the pros switch or not. If older pros are reluctant to switch because they already have a collection of lenses and accessories, consider that new, younger pros enter the field every day, and they can can use Sony and watch the old guys die off. Then one day they’ll say, “Remember Yashica, Minolta, Miranda, Nikon, and Canon?”