Nikon D90 to be Announced June 16th?

Rumor has it, that is Nikon Rumors has it, the Nikon D90 may be announced by Nikon D90. Nikon Rumors has published the above photo, which looks like a “press” image and bears too many differences from current models to be a Photoshopped job. (I will say, however, that the “9” on the badge looks a little jacked up.)

June 16th is significant because of Thom Hogan’s prior predictions for the release of a D90 and D3x from Nikon:

I’m tightening my D90 (or whatever they decide to call it) prediction date to between May 12th and June 16th.

If you’re interested in seeing a dissection of the above Nikon D90 image compared to other current Nikon DSLRs, check out Nikon Rumors for more.

Finally, for the latest news and rumors on the Nikon D90, stay tuned to Photography Bay’s Nikon D90 page.

UPDATE:  Sorry for the false alarm folks, but after further inspection, this is clearly a PS job based on the below image of the Nikon D300.  Look closely and you’ll find the similarities as well.  Pretty good PS job though, it had me pondering for a bit.



  1. Marcel says

    Gan – you are the originator of this latest? That’s a good productive use of your existence. Don’t waste time.

  2. David says

    Yes, has the ball dropped yet? Or was it something to do with glass slippers? Hmmm..

  3. David says

    May they meant July 16…or August 16….or maybe it’ll just be at Photokina…duh…

  4. says

    I hate to be a bit out spoken and bordering on being rude: However.

    I am Doug Harper and I use the Nikon D-80 after the D-200 and before that I used the D-50 and the D2x. Before that I was forced by the White House News to go to Nikon school for the D-70.

    With the D-50 I was able to get outstanding 16×20 300dpi.

    With the D-200 I was able to get 40×60″ dpi of 300 and it is tack sharp.

    What is the difference in the D-80?

    The D-80 is 2 years after the D-200 and is a refinement only. Less noise and a Commander Know most handy.

    The D-300 is a manual camera only like the D-200 and lacks the Commander knob.

    The Image made by the D-300 is no better at 12MP CMOS than the D-80 at 10MP CCD. Yes that is absolutely correct!

    Even the D-300 or the D-700 at 200ISO can not not not produce a cleaner sharper image at FULL FRAME than the D-80 can at ISO 100.

    I know that you will not believe this so test it out and make 20 x30″ prints and see for your self.

    Until Jpeg XR or whatever about 2012 comes with a 64 base not an 8 base Jpeg we can expect very little improvements.

    Nikon is locked in noise reduction, Sony is going with BSI and rejecting FSI Nikon is sound asleep please do not wake.

    Save your money and miss the D-300 the D-3 and the D-700.

    Hold off till 2012 and get the better Digital that is coming to replace Jpeg Standard. High Def or whatever it may be called.

    Don’t look to Nikon or Canon. They are sound asleep.

    Sony or Pentax are going to become the new boys on the block.

    Why do I use Nikon then???

    Nikon has a DEPENDABLE RATE of 100% Canon is about 50%

    Yup I wan the dam thing to work.

    Doug Harper