More Rumors on Nikon D90, D10 & D3x

Earlier this week, Thom Hogan had some more insight on the new releases from Nikon for 2008.  Specifically, he noted on his site that Nikon gave an indication of low projected unit volume in the coming year.  He noted that Nikon’s commentary on this projection was that Nikon would focus on “upper end” cameras this year.  Thom noted futher how this was consistent with the rumors of the Nikon D3x.  Still, Thom notes, that doesn’t rule out the introduction of a Nikon D90 or a mid-level Nikon D10.  Both of these models are certainly higher up the food chain than the Nikon D40/D40x/D60 that have pushed Nikon up in the market over the past year or so.

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  1. Marcel says

    Yes, we’re all frantic for something new to fight off the desperation of our petty lives…some new cameras should buy us some time.

  2. Tracy says

    I recently email Nikon asking if they had an upgrade to the D80 coming out anytime soon. I got the standard “we don’t have that info” answer, but the rep also said that the D80 WAS the oldest DSLR in the Nikon lineup now, so if a camera was scheduled to be upgraded, that MIGHT be the one.

    Sounds almost like an answer to me…

  3. Mike Riffone says

    I would be a great photographer if I only had a Nikon D90, instead of my D80

  4. says

    To: Mike Riffone

    It is not that a Nikon D-90 will be any better than the D-300 that should make you feel your equipment makes the difference. It is not so.

    How to out shoot the Nikon D-3 with the Nikon D-80 by Doug Harper.

    Set your camera for Super sharp Nikon is never sharp as Canon.

    Jpeg Fine and set your ISO at 100.

    Out side keep your shutter speed up to 200 with fill flash and check your exposure.

    Inside set at 1/60th of a second and use fill flash.

    1a for flesh tones and 111a for Vistas.

    Then slow down and compose the finished shot from several angles before taking a first shot.

    The D-80 has a dreadful meter so take time a touch the shutter gentle like allow the camera to try to compute the exposure. Then do not fire the camera…

    Re touch the shutter for a second time and hold it for 1/2 to 1 full second check your composure of the shot then take a photo. The double shutter trick helps the D-80 re-meter the shot and fine tune.

    Next review your images. Never shoot at more frames to quick slow down and shoot allowing 4-5 seconds for the camera to re-meter and readjust.

    Then sort your images on a 24′ computer screen if possible search for poor quality. Trash any shots that are not dead perfect. No more dupes get rid of junk bad stuff and exposure errors and people blinks.

    Then print a Jpeg CD and send it to Ultra Color Lab for 15 cents for Kodak not Fuji-Auto color correction.

    15 cents will gie you a Full Resolution Image that can print at 300dpi up to 40×60″ from the D-80 for only 15cents for non destructive color correction.

    The Lab will set the color and the brightness and you leave it alone. Forget about Raw it is foolishness.

    Now you must slow down to photograph and compose so that you do not have to crop. Using all 10MP from a D-80 is just the same as a D-3 cropped.

    Good luck

    Jpeg standard is 20 years old look for Sony to change to Hi-Deff 64 base Digital by 2010.

    Good Luck