Canon 3D and 5D Mark II Rumors

This time from a Canon repair center:

He said that as far he could see Canon is thinking soon to produce a pro camera that would include some of the best feature of both 1D series

15.1 MP (full frame)
14 bit
1 Digic III
Iso 100 to 6400(up to 12800)
AF like 1Dmk III
3 fps
3 inch screen
A sort of smaller 1D body,with integrated grip but not rear lcd panel
1 slot flash card

He also spoke about a 5D replacement coming probably after

12.8 MP
14 bit
1 Digic III
iso 100 to 3200 (up to 6400)
Improved 9 point AF
4 fps
3 inch screen
Improved body


Take it with a grain of salt folks. I expect that we’re not going to see the 5D Mark II anytime soon; however, the good old original recipe Canon 5D just keeps getting cheaper. The specs for a potential 3D sound intriguing though.

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  1. Peter says

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see the 5D replacement pick up the sensor from the 1Ds Mk II….He, he, he, maybe they’ll even dump the 1D MkIII!?

    Whatever the case I don’t think the second set of specs listed above will happen, particularly given the upcoming Pentax offerings and Canon’s own updated products. Whatever replaces the 5D will have to differentiate itself enough to warrant doing it at all…

    The suspense of it all !!