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  1. Coley Logan says

    Ok, I’m going to purchase the Canon T1i kit and take advantage of the rebate and get the extra zoom lens too.

    My question (figure there is more than one right answer) should I get a protective lens UV filter, and what is a reasonable price to pay? My reason if there is no other benefit, it will keep my fingers off the lens. Having the protective lens in place should keep me from scratching the lens by wiping it off with my shirt as I may be tempted to do.

    Also, another area of need is to purchase a SD HC card or two, or more… I did find in the T1i user guide I should use a class 6 speed card, larger than smaller capacity. I’m thinking a 16GB. Would like suggestions regarding card selection for video use and still picture taking, size and speed? In other words if I use a class 2 card to take still pictures will I just have a delay before the camera is ready to take another picture? The delay is not a problem as far as I’m concerned. I may want a high speed card plus a regular speed (class 2) for getting by if I just want to save some money.
    Thanks Coley

    • says

      @Coley – I think a UV filter is a good idea. You can get a Tiffen filter for $10 to $15. I wouldn’t pay more than that.

      I’ve used several of the Kingston class 6 cards and they work fine for the T1i, including video. They’re pretty affordable on Amazon. I don’t think I’ve ever used a class 2 card in the T1i. You want to make sure that your card covers a write speed of 8/MBs for video. A high speed card will make a difference on the T1i when shooting in continuous mode.

  2. Alessandro De Gregori says

    I am looking for a quality compact size digital camera with changeable lenses, capable of taking HD photos and movies.

    I was suggested the Canon G11 by a professional photographer who carries one in his pocket as a second and always available camera. I also found two other, the Canon G10 and the Lumix FZ35. I am not aware of other competitive models.

    Do you have a comparative review of these type of cameras? If not, do you have recommendation?

    Thank you very much.


  3. Richard says

    Can anybody suggest a digital camera with these necessary features:
    Zoom x15. Date and time stamp on photo. GPS location stamp on photo. Remote control 25 yards. Flash. Rotatable view screen x 2-axis.

  4. linda says

    Hoping for help. I have a Canon Power Shot S 515.It came with a Canon Zoom Lens 12×15. I would like to add a lens to make it have more powerful. Does anyone know if you can do that? I asked at the store and they said yes, but couldn’t tell me anything more.
    I would appreciate it if anyone knows about this.