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The Canon EOS 10D is a discontinued 6.3-megapixel semi-professional digital SLR camera, initially announced on February 27, 2003 at a price point of $1,999 without lens ($1,599 street price). As of early 2007, factory refurbished units are about $600. The 10D replaced the Canon EOS D60, which is also a 6.3-megapixel digital SLR camera. Additionally, the 10D does not accept EF-S lenses.


Steve’s Digicams

The 10D’s images are excellent, the resolution is the same as the D60 but there’s less noise and artifacts visible. Even the higher ISO 400 and 800 shots are noticeably “cleaner” and I was surprised to see very useable ISO 1600 images.

I have no concerns in stating that as things stand (at the time of writing this review) the EOS-10D is the absolute best in class, with the best image quality, lowest high sensitivity noise, superb build quality and excellent price (not to mention the huge choice of lenses).

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The Canon EOS-10D is the best deal out there for a digital SLR camera.

Luminous Landscape

There are two new features found in the 10D that don’t even exist in the 1D and 1Ds. The first is an automatic orientation sensor that tells the camera if a shot has been taken vertically or horizontally and then tags the image so that it shows up with the correct orientation on screen. The second is a feature which I’ve been asking Canon for for a couple of years; a mode which automatically switches from single shot focus to focus tracking if the subject starts moving. Hooray!


Though not without its quirks, the 10D is a great candidate for a first digital SLR.

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Canon has now with the 10D (excellent price/feature/quality ratio), 1D (the action champion) and 1Ds (defining digital state of the art) a very strong offering of digital SLRs. We hope that this will keep Nikon and Fuji busy to follow up.

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The EOS-10D will immediately dispel any longing for the D60 though, as it’s a genuinely more capable camera in almost every respect. While the image sensor still has the same ~6 megapixel resolution, the numerous upgrades in nearly all other aspects of the cameras operation (most notably in the AF performance) really makes the 10D a whole new camera.

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When Canon started shipping the EOS 10D in March 2003, digital photography took a turn for the better. From the first grip of the magnesium body, this SLR feels right at home. Better yet, it shoots like a real camera.

Where to Buy

First off, consider going to your local camera store (and I don’t necessarily mean Wolf Camera at the mall). By going to your local camera store, you’re supporting your community and you just might build a lasting relationship with people you can rely on when you need some help or answers. If you’re buying online, I recommend sticking with Amazon, B&H Photo or Adorama. These three vendors are reliable, trustworthy and generally have the best (legitimate) prices. Additionally, purchasing your camera through these links helps support this site. You can still find some used a refurbished 10D bodies popping up on these sites.
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