Steadicam Curve Hands-On

Steadicam Curve

Tiffen launched its new Steadicam Curve at NAB 2013. The Curve is designed to work with GoPro HERO cameras.

I stopped by Tiffen’s booth to try out the Steadicam Curve and was instantly impressed with the usability of the device.

The Curve only weighs a half pound and is made to be operated with only one hand. It is the first Steadicam product that I have picked up and instantly felt at ease with it. For those who are intimidated by these stabilizer devices, this would be a great place to start. [Read more…]


Phantom Flex4K: Up Close and Sample Footage

Phantom Flex 4K-6

Vision Research unveiled its new Phantom Flex4K cinema camera at NAB 2013. The stunner feature is that it captures 4K RAW footage at 1000fps.

I stopped by the Vision Research booth to get a closer look at the Phantom Flex4K and to see some 4K demo footage on a 4K display. Before we get into the build and specs of the Flex4K, check out the below video shot with the Flex4K in 4K. [Read more…]

Panasonic 4K Prototype Camcorder on Display at NAB 2013

Panasonic 4K Camera

4K was certainly the big theme this year at NAB. Whether it was cameras, capture, post or delivery, 4K video was everywhere.

Panasonic 4K Camera-6

Of course, some manufacturers are further along than others in the 4K development pipeline. Panasonic happened to have a single 4K camcorder under glass. However, this was a working model that was pumping out a 4K signal via a single HDMI 1.4a cable to a 4K monitor next to the display. [Read more…]

Beauty Box Video 3.0 Offers Easy Skin Retouching for Video

Digital Anarchy Beauty Box

I took a quick demo yesterday with Beauty Box Video 3.0 here at NAB 2013. While I have seen it several times before, I never stopped to look at what it how simple it is to use.

Beauty Box is a plug-in for Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, After Effects and several other NLEs. There is also a version for Photoshop and Aperture. (No Lightroom yet. If you want to see it for Lightroom, I would suggest making some noise by emailing Digital Anarchy and letting them know you want it.)

Essentially, Beauty Box uses multiple algorithms to create a matte of skin tones and leaves alone facial details like teeth, hair and eyelashes. You can fine tune the matte for your given lighting conditions and skin tones; however, it’s a process that takes seconds even to fine tune it.

Hopefully, I’ll have a full review in the coming weeks; however, I wanted to pass along a coupon code that is valid only during NAB this week. Use the coupon code NAB2013 to get 25% any of the Beauty Box versions. The most common version for Premiere, AE or FCP is regularly $199; however, it’s only $149 this week with the code. You can see all the versions here on Digital Anarchy’s website.

You can get a nice overview of an older version of Beauty Box inside After Effects (still the same overall concept and workflow) with the following video. [Read more…]