Canon 1D Mark IV at the Super Bowl

Canon 1D Mark IV

Canon has issued a press statement touting the effective use of the new flagship EOS 1D Mark IV at Super Bowl XLIV.  Canon interviewed four photographers who used the 1D Mark IV at the big game, all of whom brag on the effectiveness of the camera’s new autofocus system.  You can read all of the soundbites in the press release below. [Read more…]


20 Sony Twilight Photo Contest Finalists

Remember the Sony Twilight Contest?  It ended yesterday.

I have selected the 20 finalists from the entrants who submitted their photos to the contest.  They are listed below in no particular order.  Sony will now choose one of these images as the winner from Photography Bay’s portion of the contest and the photographer and a guest will be traveling to 1 of 7 awesome locations to shoot with Sony’s new gear at a Twilight football match.

Hong Kong at Twilight
1. Hong Kong at Twilight by zpowderhound

Burning Fever
2. Burning Fever by Bchild33

One more trick
3. One more trick by hungrig4leben [Read more…]

Sony Twilight Football Contest

As the hour of twilight moves across the world during the course of a day, it ignites a series of 7 games of football (ahem, “soccer” for us Americans) played during twilight set up in the most beautiful and spectacular photographic locations.

One day, 7 global locations, 7 amazing games of twilight football.

Twilight Football is a once in a lifetime opportunity for Photography Bay readers to travel to an incredible location, and capture amazing images of football in the beauty of twilight. [Read more…]