RED Epic-M Monochrome Unveiled

by on September 8, 2012

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RED Epic-M Monochrome

RED has announced the Epic-M Monochrome cinema camera, a black & white camera that runs $42,000 for the body only. [click to continue…]

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Canon Cinema Camera Announcement

Now that the Canon 1D X has been announced, the big news item on the horizon for Canon is the Hollywood announcement scheduled for November 3.

What is it? [click to continue…]

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Ever wonder what it would be like to strap a $60k camera to a radio controlled octocopter?  Well, someone dreamed up the idea of putting a RED EPIC on one of these devices and produced the stunning results you see in the above video.

To get a better idea of the potential of this rig, check out the below video shot with the Sony FS100 riding on the OM-copter. [click to continue…]

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RED EPIC at 300fps

by on June 27, 2011

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Eric Kessler let Philip Bloom take his new RED EPIC for a spin and also volunteered to be a test subject while members of the Kessler Crane crew threw glasses of water at him.  The result a rather entertaining slow motion mashup of Kessler’s abuse.

Check out the full rundown of the operation over at Philip Bloom’s site.

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Vincent Laforet’s recent video that showed off some RED EPIC HDRx eye-candy now has a companion behind-the-scenes video that shows off some the gear he used to get the shots.

Laforet promises that he has more on the way.  For now, check out this first BTS video below. [click to continue…]

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Over at A Photo Editor, there’s an interesting interview with Vincent Laforet concerning the future of photography.  In it he discusses where these photo and video cameras are heading, including how new technology will affect the vision required to capture “the decisive moment.”

Here’s what’s important, if you can shoot 120 frames or 96 frames per second at a high resolution, it removes one of the single most difficult aspects of being a photographer, which is to capture the “decisive moment.”

Head on over to A Photo Editor the the complete interview.

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