Canon 3D Rumor Refreshed

Rumors of a Canon EOS 3D have been around since the original Canon 5D was released (maybe before it was released).  The film-based EOS 3 was a very popular camera, and still brings a decent penny in good, used condition.  Canon Rumors received a tip from a confidential source yesterday that brings a bit of a resurgence to the fabled EOS 3D.

I’ve been told, that the EOS 3D is coming. My source sad to me it will be announced after the replacement from the Nikon D300. It is going to be something between the 1D MarkIII and the 50D/60D. The Body is similar to the 5D MarkII. He won´t me to tell something about the specs but said that the D300/D400 will be blown away.

Aside from the totally bogus image above (that’s been floating around the blogosphere and forum world for a couple of years), there’s really no support for such a rumor over the past couple of years that Canon gear heads have been pining for this camera.

Frankly, it seems a bit of an ill fit in Canon’s current lineup.  The camera would presumably be situated between the Canon 5D Mark II and 1D/1Ds models.  That’s really just spreading the top end of cameras a little too thin.

Enough of my commentary . . . What do you think?  Is there a place for a Canon 3D?  What’s the price point need to be for you to buy one?