2013 Mac Pro 6-Core Review

Mac Pro-2

Apple took what felt like forever to make a meaningful update to the last generation of the Mac Pro. The big, aluminum tower had been the symbol of the professional Mac user since 2003 when Apple released it with the Power Mac G5. When Apple switched to Intel chips, it became the Mac Pro in 2006 and received periodic updates through 2010.

When Apple made the 2012 Mac Pro update, many professional users flipped out over the incremental updates and the failure to include modern I/O options like USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt, a technology that Apple had been pushing hard in its laptops. A Facebook group entitled “We Want a New Macpro” surfaced and became a rally point for thousands of professional users – the most vocal of which were heavy use video editors.

Apple seemed to have received the message that impatient professional users were leaving (or threatening to leave) for a more modern hardware experience on Windows workstations. Shortly after the 2012 refresh, Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed that a new Mac Pro would be delivered in 2013.

Then, at WWDC in June 2013, Apple unveiled the new Mac Pro. The shock of the design quickly led to memes all over the Internet, likening the new machine to everything from trash cans to coffee makers. [Read more…]


Laptops for Photographers of All Sorts

You’re in the market for a new laptop to supplement your photographic tendencies. Depending on your job, you may have different needs and wants to suit your demands. I used the PCMag Network for some pointers and tips in addition to my own hands-on experiences, here are some of the best for you depending on what your needs may be.



The smallest of the bunch, it well suits and compliments the needs of a photojournalist in need of a light laptop to accompany his/her light DSLR. The screen is very nice and can help you edit your photos to get the very best usage of your colors during the editing process. At around 13″, it perfectly compliments my Olympus E-510 and will be a welcome companion to your Canon T1i or Nikon D90. With two USB 2.0 ports, mini-DVI and Firewire 400 it will surely keep up with the needs of everyday shooting, writing and editing while allowing you to travel light. It fits perfectly into a messenger bag. Your hard drive space may go quicker than you like though, so keep an external with you too. These days, the Macbook starts at $999. [Read more…]