Tenba Vector Camera Bags

Tenba has announced its new Vector collection of colorful camera bags.  The Vector series bags are geared toward the consumer and prosumer audio, with an emphasis on design and function.

There are a variety of bag types, such as compact camera pouches, DSLR bags, shoulder bags and large daypacks, which allow for all sorts of camera arrangements.  The new bags range in price from $12.95 to $79.95.  Check availability at B&H Photo.


Tenba Roadie II Photo/Laptop Cases Available

Tenba announced its refreshed lineup of Roadie rolling photo and laptop cases at CES 2011.  The new Roadie II series of rolling cases are carry-on compatible and built to rugged and weatherproof specifications.  They feature the tough YKK zippers (it really doesn’t get any tougher than YKK) and offer EVA molded interiors.

Available in 3 different sizes, the Roadie II cases can carry medium and large DSLRs, along with super telephoto lenses with hoods and tripod collars attached.  Additionally, dedicated laptop storage areas are designed for quick access through security checkpoints.  The Roadie II Photo/Laptop cases are available at retail prices from $279.95 to $319.95.  You can find Tenba Roadie II rolling cases at B&H Photo.

Clik Elite Camera Bags for Adventure Photographers

Clik Elite Camera BagsClik Elite Camera Bags

Calling Clik Elite’s products ‘camera bags’ is a bit of an understatement.  So, consider the keyword in the title to be ‘adventure’ instead.

I ran into the guys from Clik Elite at PMA 2010, and they were kind enough to give me a rundown of their product line.  As they showed me some of the features of the camera bags, I spent most of my time commentating with words like ‘cool’ and ‘oh, wow’.

Clik Elite bags are designed first and foremost for active photographers.  If you just need to tote cameras and lenses from your typical point ‘A’ to your typical point ‘B’, then the Clik Elite gear is going to be way overkill for you.  However, if point ‘A’ happens to be at the top of a snow-covered mountain, you have skis on your feet, and you intend to reach point ‘B’ at the bottom of the mountain via those skis, then you’ll probably dig these bags. [Read more…]

Lowepro Lens Trekker 600 AW II

Lowepro Addresses Needs of Photographers Who Carry Expensive and Delicate Telephoto Lenses

PHOTOKINA 2008, KÖLN, Deutschland – September, 23 2008 – Lowepro, creator of innovative carrying solutions for the imaging world, introduces the next generation of its pro-level Lens Trekker series, designed for the distinct requirements of nature and sports photographers who carry a telephoto lens and camera gear into rugged environments or crowded sports stadiums. The Lens Trekker 600 AW II addresses the needs of the professional who has a significant investment in expensive telephoto lenses.

The Lens Trekker AW II features an ergonomic, removable and fully adjustable-torso harness system with contoured mesh straps, plus a padded waist belt for added comfort-especially important when carrying heavy equipment to and from locations. Inside the deep and roomy main compartment, thick padding with shock-absorbing foam protects a pro DSLR with attached 600mm telephoto lens, or an unattached 800mm lens, plus lens hood and tripod collar. A Tripod Mount™ attaches to either side of the backpack helping to stabilize the tripod feet while the pack is in motion, and Lowepro’s patented All Weather Cover TM protects the pack against rains, sleet and snow. [Read more…]