Grow Your Bottom Line and Increase Bookings

The following post is by DigiLabs Pro General Manager, Stephanie Weber, who offers advice on how to increase bookings by leveraging your network.  Learn more about Stephanie and DigiLabs at the end of this post.

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In an economy where every lead is a vital one, many professional photographers are ignoring their biggest sales force – their online networks of friends and professional contacts. This includes anyone from clients to vendors to fellow photographers, all of whom can be valuable marketing assets to pros. By leveraging your network with a few simple initiatives, shooters can become sellers and boost their bottom line. [Read more…]


Call For Guest Bloggers

So here’s the deal –  I’ve got some down time scheduled for about a week, starting March 20.  And, while I have some reviews and other content that I have written in advance scheduled for that week, I thought I would open up Photography Bay to other photographers (amateur or pro) to share their thoughts with the rest of the Photography Bay community.

If you have something worthwhile to say that generally relates to photography, whether it be cameras, lenses, techniques, tips, etc., I’d be happy to consider your guest post.

Send your topic ideas via the Contact Form, and I’ll let you know if it will work.  If I get too many guest posts, I’ll cut it off based on a first-come first-served basis.

The posts will run between Saturday, March 20 and Sunday, March 28.

For every guest post, I’ll include a short bio with a couple of links back to your site or work elsewhere on the web.

Past guest contributors include Rich Legg, Zach Matthews, Angela Datre and many others.  You can hit those links for an idea of the bio, links and general topic ideas.

Again, you can submit your post ideas or any questions through the Contact Form.


Blogging Basics for Photographers: Blogging Software and Services

Blogging Basics For Photographers - Part 2

In this second article of the series, we’re going to delve into some of the popular blogging platforms and try to come up with a good picture of what software and services make sense for the blogging photographer.

Other articles in this Blogging Basics for Photographers series:

1. Deciding Whether to Start a Blog for Your Photography
2. Blogging Software and Services
3. Web Hosting and Blog Set Up

From the top, I’ll let you know that this article (and series, in general) will be heavily biased toward WordPress as a blogging platform.  This is what I know and use, and I think that it’s the best all-around blogging platform out there.  That said, there are plenty of other great blogging services and software available, and we’ll take a look at them below.  I invite any photo bloggers out there to chime in with your thoughts on these or other blogging platforms in the comment section at the bottom of this article.  Moving on now… [Read more…]

Blogging Basics for Photographers: Deciding Whether to Start a Blog for Your Photography

Blogging Basics For Photographers

So many photographers are on the cutting edge of online communication through blogging, social networking and photo sharing sites.  Photographers use these online resources to communicate with other photographers as well as to market themselves to potential clients.

This the first article in a series that addresses part of this networking and communication boom – Blogging Basics for Photographers.

Other articles in this Blogging Basics for Photographers series:

1. Deciding Whether to Start a Blog for Your Photography
2. Blogging Software and Services
3. Web Hosting and Blog Set Up

The goal of this series will be to help those of you who want to start a blog find the right tools and instructions to make it happen.

The first thing I want to do is get everyone on the same page with the basics of what we’re talking about, whether you want to start a blog or not, and then we’ll talk about blogging software and services next.  [Read more…]

Promote Your Blog for Free

Lately, Photography Bay has been dishing out Free Links Friday to give readers the chance to visit other great blogs and read great stories they might have otherwise missed. This week, all bloggers with photography-related blogs will have the opportunity to be featured on Free Links Friday.

So, pick your best post over the past week (or even a bit longer) and, in the comments below, submit the

  • URL, and
  • a short summary (1-2 sentences) of what the post is about.

For an example, see last Friday’s Free Links post. I will hold all comments in moderation and post them into this week’s Free Links Friday post. Limit one post/article per site.

If you don’t have a blog, you can feel free to submit your favorite photography-related post or article that you’ve read over the past week or so. Just use the same submission format above.