Sony A57

Leaks are well underway now with the above unofficially official product shot for the new Sony A57.  Rumored specs are also out with what’s believed to be a 16MP CMOS sensor and up to 1080p video with the AVCHD 2.0 codec for 60p capture. [click to continue…]

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Sony NEX-5n

The more I use the new Sony NEX-5n, the more I like it (notwithstanding the clicking problem).  One thing that really makes the NEX-5n stand out among competitors is the ability to capture HD video at 1080/60p (i.e., 59.94 progressive frames per second).  This makes for smooth motion, but also gives you the option to conform to footage to a slower frame rate and get some cool slow motion in your 24p projects.

With the recent update to Final Cut Pro X, I was hoping that Apple would add support for additional codecs, like the relatively new (yet, increasingly popular) AVCHD 2.0; however, it did not.  As a result, working with video from cameras shooting 60p AVCHD 2.0 footage (like the Sony NEX-5n) brings a bit of a problem when importing the files from your camera.

I’ve already covered how to import AVCHD files into Final Cut Pro X; however, working with AVCHD 2.0 files at 60p requires another step to get the footage into FCP X.  Still yet, it’s not so bad. [click to continue…]

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Sony DEV-5 Binoculars

Sony has just unleashed a pair of new binoculars that pack an Exmor R CMOS sensor that allows them to capture still images as well as full HD video in AVCHD 2.0 format.  Additionally, the binoculars will record 3D video that is compatible with most current 3D HDTVs. [click to continue…]

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