Sony 4K TVs Now Shipping in US

Sony XBR-55X900A 55inch 4K TV

As we continue to question the need for 4K production across the spectrum, TV manufacturers are wasting no time pushing 4K TVs out to customers. Sony 4K TVs are shipping from Adorama and Amazon with prices starting at $5000. The Seiki 4K 50″ TV is much more reasonably priced at $1445 here at

While the 4K content I have seen at CES and NAB this year has been gorgeous, I’m not quite ready to pull the trigger on a 4K set. Many HD broadcasters and cable channels continue to pump out 720p programming to content consumers across the nation. Additionally, the compression from cable providers on HD content is terrible. I can’t imagine how bad the compression will be on full 4K content when it starts coming down the content pipe.

Of course, those finishing productions in 4K resolution now have access to 4K TVs to view final products and/or demo content to clients.