Yuneec Officially Launches Typhoon Q500 4K Drone

Yuneec Q500 4K

We saw the Yuneec Typhoon Q500 4K quadcopter teased back at NAB 2015 and now it has officially launched with units expected to start shipping over the next few days.

The Typhoon Q500 4K builds off its 1080p predecessor with a new camera that shoots 4K video. It will also capture 1080p video at up to 120fps. Still images are 16MP and can be saved as JPEG or DNG RAW files – even while recording video. The built-in camera is stabilized by a 3-axis gimbal, which can be controlled remotely from the ST10+ ground station transmitter. [Read more…]


Sony’s A7R II Works with Atomos Shogun for 4K ProRes Video Capture


While Canon is busy locking down its video product line with no 4K options in its DSLRs and spotty support for clean HDMI-output, Sony is throwing the kitchen sink into its cameras with each release cycle.

The latest evidence of Sony’s bold digital imaging market moves is in the new A7R II, which sports a 42.4MP full frame image sensor with internal 4K video capture using the Sony XAVC-S codec at 100Mbps. While this is solid performance for a camera as small as the A7R II, Sony leaves room for users to go a little more professional by enabling uncompressed HDMI output of the sensor’s 4K signal. [Read more…]