More Canon 1Ds Mark IV Rumblings

Canon 1Ds Mark IV

It seems that rumors of the Canon 1Ds Mark IV just won’t go away.  The latest word from Canon Rumors‘ sources proclaim an October announcement – with availability in 2012.  Frequent spec rumors include a 30+MP sensor and high frame rate.

With no solid leaks or consistent rumors, it’s all still guess work at this point.  With no new pro DSLR from Nikon so far this year though, there’s no new competitive threats to the 1D Mark IV or 1Ds Mark III.

There’s been a lot of speculation that the Japan earthquake has delayed both Canon and Nikon’s new products; however, that is still speculation until we get word from the companies’ mouth one way or the other.  And that’s probably not something we are going to get – both Canon and Nikon rarely tip their hand until they are ready to proceed with their own marketing plans (leaks notwithstanding).

Canon Developing Wireless Remote Sync Cameras, 30fps Still Shooting a Possibility

Canon 1Ds Mark IV

Not only is Canon looking to put wireless TTL radio flash sync in future cameras, it is also working on technology to sync remote cameras with your primary camera.

According to a recently published patent application, Canon may be putting wireless camera syncing inside a future 1D/1Ds series body. We saw a hint of this in an earlier patent application, but this more recent application sheds some light on the breadth of the features. [Read more...]

Canon 1Ds Mark IV Listing Pops Up on Official Canon Site

Canon 1Ds Mark IV

Canon 1Ds Mark IV on Canon Website

When I first saw this list for extended warranty options showing the Canon 1Ds Mark IV, I figured it was a typo since it’s pretty common to see the 1D Mark IV mistakenly listed as the 1Ds Mark IV (even on some of Canon’s sites).

However, this was actually a separate listing from the 1D Mark IV and the 1Ds Mark III, already in the chart above.  And, the 1Ds Mark IV listing was a different price. [Read more...]

Canon Working on Built-in Radio Triggers for Wireless Flash

You had to know this one was coming, right?  For years now, DSLR manufacturers have been tied to wireless flash communication via  light-based transmission systems, which puts limits on the ability to take your flashes out of the line-of-sight of other flashes.  Of course, there are a plenty of workarounds – and there are third party solutions from the likes of PocketWizards and RadioPoppers.

But there has always been something missing with those other solutions.  Maybe it’s a little clunky to strap on those third-party devices?  Maybe there was some radio interference?  Something, however minor, just doesn’t quite function like the factory specs of the wireless flash system under ideal conditions.

A recently filed patent application with the USPTO reveals that Canon is working on a radio-based solution for its wireless flash system with transmitters built-in camera bodies. [Read more...]