Canon’s Announcement Next Week Won’t Be a DSLR or Lens [Updated – Maybe/Maybe Not]

Canon at CES

Just hours after I passed along rumors of a Canon DSLR announcement scheduled for Tuesday, October 18, I received a tip from someone (who has a near perfect track record) that Canon would not be announcing a new camera or lens next week.  However, the tipster also confirmed there would be an announcement of something “really cool.”

[UPDATE: Another tip pins the announcement date as Oct. 26 instead of Oct. 18.]

We were all looking forward to an announcement of the Canon 1Ds Mark IV; however, after this news, I’m feeling much less confident that we’ll see a new Canon DSLR this year.  Of course, November 3 is still slated for Canon’s big video/cinema camera release.

My source didn’t reveal what the something coming next Tuesday is.  If anyone out there happens to know what that something special from Canon is, feel free to drop a line via the contact form.

If you don’t know what it is but you’ve got a good guess, leave your thoughts in the comment section below.  The winner gets 100 kudos points, which are completely worthless but still very cool.

One last caveat . . . If you haven’t guessed it by now, the rumormill is spiraling out of control over the past couple of weeks, so anything could happen.  If it drives you bananas, skip the rumor posts and go shoot some more photos.  I’ll be here with the official product announcements whenever they are made too.

[UPDATE #2: This post set off a spark with a couple of different sources telling me for sure that a Canon DSLR is coming next week.  Additionally, Canon Rumors says it has a definite spec list on the new camera here.  As note above, we’re still in rumorville until a new camera is actually announced, so keep that salt shaker handy.]



  1. Mark says

    It’ll be one of those mirror less gimmick cameras like the new Nikon. Got to keep up with the Jones’s right? I mean they can’t come up with an original idea now can they!

  2. Daniel says

    I think they’ll announce some sort of ” Fuji X10″ type camera. Fuji has no competition (except Leica X1) and it’s just obvious that someone has to grab a part of the market .

  3. Insider says

    For those who waiting eos camera, u guys will be dissapointed because the “cool stuff” mentioned is actually mirrorless camera, Canon will trump all the mirrorless competitor with a fullframe mirrorless camera =)

    While CanonRumor is posting about Eos 1D/1Ds replacement with this spec,

    Full Frame
    12 fps
    61 AF Points <–multi area , touch screen perhaps~

    It is not to forget this spec is "possible" for mirrorless camera as well ;-)

  4. Nick says

    I’m guessing it will be some kind of high end video camera. With the new Hollywood Pro Technology and Support center Canon is obviously putting a LOT of their eggs in the pro video basket. I wouldn’t be surprised with a new flagship video camera that takes EOS lenses natively, without an adapter.

  5. Read-The-Words-Again says

    “…someone (who has a near perfect track record) that Canon would not be announcing a new ***CAMERA*** or lens next week…”

    Folks, if his tipster is right, then that “something really cool” would NOT be a camera, no matter if mirrorless, X10-like, etc…

    It’s interesting enough to look at CanonRumors too. They are giving CR3 rating just now to a brand new EOS being announced next week!!!

  6. forkboy1965 says

    I’m suspecting a new printer or two. Maybe something to replace the 9000 & 9500 as well as something higher end.

    I mean… if it’s not a camera or lens, what else (besides video cameras)?

  7. says

    This suggestion that there is contradictory dates undermines the credibility of the whole post. There is a confirmed Oct. 26 date in the USA and two confirmed Oct. 18 dates in Europe. Both dates are accurate. Additionally, there is a confirmed Nov. 3 date in the U.S. regarding video. All three dates are legit.

  8. john says

    I think if they have bought a full page ad (front page) with an EOS camera, then they will be announcing a camera.

    I wonder with all the disinformation if canon has a team seeding rumors to make sure no-one really knows what is and isnt true.

  9. says

    Eric Reagan took a big risk posting this article. I think he got suckered in by this tipster that he does not even know, and could not elaborate on what the something cool was. Especially since the contact that Craig Blair has is a personal friend that he sees often, and the contact is intimately in the loop, AND has always been 100 percent accurate. Anytime Craig has went to the mat stating facts, is is because of info gleaned from his friend. They have a 100 percent track record, we have a full page EOS spread, and very specific and detailed information on specs. I am afraid that Eric is going to look silly over this. I feel bad for him. I thin he got snookered.

  10. Marc says

    Ipad app with capture control like features. Camera tethers with Bluetooth and supports, shooting, live view, intervalometer, etc

  11. arvi says

    Maybe a Mark4N? It seems too soon to call a 1D4 replacement a 5, regardless of improvements. If it’s a full-frame DSLR, the 1D4 most likely will still remain in the lineup. But a full-frame 1D which can be cropped to a 1.3 sounds pretty cool too. And such a feature will likely push to 1D4 out of the lineup.

  12. arvi says

    OK. If it’s not a DSLR or lens, then maybe Canon is finally coming out with their answer to the RED Scarlet or RED vidcams? Not a concept or prototype, as in the Canon 4K, but a new model that’s scheduled for production. That would be cool.

  13. Mr. Bananaman says

    I am a professional photographer that will be attending one of the meetings tomorrow.
    However in the second invite I received there is very little detail of what will be announced.

    But what’s for sure is that you won’t ask your best clients to come over to a meeting to hear about a new EOS 700 or a 6D or even 5D3.