‘Act of Valor’ Steps Up the HDSLR Game

Act of Valor

I waited patiently for a couple of years or so since I first heard about a Navy Seal movie Shane Hurlbut ASC was shooting on the Canon 5D Mark II.  I’ve read about how Shane lit night scenes with practicals, numerous mentions of his man-cam and helmet cam rigs, and how Zeiss lenses worked in tandem with the 5D Mark II for a big screen blockbuster.

It hit theaters yesterday.  And, I set out last night with a few friends to watch it.  I was not disappointed. [Read more…]

New DeluxGear Lens Guards for Big Lenses

DeluxGear Lens Guard

DeluxGear is launching new LensGuards for larger lenses.

From the press release:

The new XL, 2X-L, and Jumbo Lens Guards protect any of your larger lenses and many of your basic lenses with hoods. These include:

  • The popular Nikon 14-24mm and other fisheye and wide angle lenses
  • All brands of 70-200mm lenses
  • Other popular zooms – the Nikon 80-400mm and 200-400mm, the Sigma 80-400mm, 100-300mm, 300-800mm and 50-500mm (the “Bigma”), the Tamron 200-500mm, and others
  • Large prime lenses — 200mm through 800mm primes from Canon, Nikon,Sigma and others

DeluxGear is making 500 of these as limited editions and at a discounted offering.  They’re taking pre-orders on the new Lens Guards through March 5 and all of them should ship in April.

More info from DeluxGear’s website.

CineSquid Suction Mount for Gorillapods and DSLRs

The guys behind CineSkates are at it again with CineSquid – a trio of suction cups designed for use in tandem with the Gorillapod Focus tripod.


As you can see from the video above, there are plenty of uses for sticking your 5lb or less DSLR kit on various surfaces for some less-than-ordinary shots.

[via Cinetics]