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Photography Bay is in the middle of upgrading has been upgraded to the lastest version of WordPress.  I think I caught all the goblins with couple of close calls.  If you see something funky going on with Photography Bay, sit tight let me know with a comment on this post.

Photo Contests Galore

Are you looking for photo contests to enter? Well, PhotoCompete.com is a site that keeps a running tally on all the current photo contests. You can check out all the active contests (58 at the time of this post) and even jump in on ones that are ending soon (better hurry, 24 are about to end). And follow the blog for the latest announced contests. Check out the goodies in this current contest:

Amateur Photographer, the world’s leading weekly photographic magazine, is launching a competition to give away a rare Leica model O replica kit in its Christmas issue, AP 22/29 December 2007.

The limited-edition kit was put together by Leica Camera AG to mark the 125-year anniversary of the death of Leica inventor Oskar Barnack. Worth well over £2,000, the special kit comprises a working replica of the original Leica model O 35mm camera and a ‘1 of 100’ archival print of a test photograph taken by Barnack himself during trials of his unique cameras.

So what are you waiting for? Enter now!

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Nikon D300 Rumors

Below is a chronology of the rumors leading up to the official announcement.There are some rumors floating around on the message boards of DPReview.com about a replacement for the Nikon D200:

The French newspaper Chasseur d’Images gives some information about a new body from Nikon which should replace the D200 in the last issue which came out this morning.

Main features:
-12-13 Mpix
-New image processor with integrated D-lighting
-better high ISO
– better AF system
– better battery management
It should be announced in the next days. (Read more. . .)

Also, a poster that purportedly states the replacement for the D200 is coming in fall 2007 . . .


. . . albeit, in Chinese Japanese Chinese something other than English (see comments below) (thanks purefeel Sam). (Source)

UPDATE 8/1/07: More rumors that the Nikon D300 will be here September.

8/7/07: Rumors are heating up for the end of August time frame.

8/17/07: More confirmation on August 24th time frame (. . .with the D3 to boot).

8/21/07: A well done (i.e., photoshop) Nikon D300 spec sheet showed up in the rumor mill today.

8/22/07: More rumored specs of the Nikon D3 (16MP) and D300 (12MP) along with five new pro-level lenses.

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