Nikon D3 and D300 – Imminent Release Pending?

Several forum posters are alleging the release of the Nikon D3 and D300 is imminent.

Just spoke with a relation of mine at one of Europe’s major Nikon distributors and D300 is coming very soon (she mentioned end of this month) with the specifications as already mentioned in Chasseur d’Images, 12Mp & D2X AF system.

Out of respect for my source I can’t mention any names or more specifications.

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Late August is now pretty busy – Pentax European press conference, 23rd; Canon Autumn Collection launch London, 21st; Nikon London launch, 24th. All announced, press contacted, RSVPs done etc.

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I just got a Nikon Free prize draw competition leaflet, to be drawn on 31st October for which the prize is your “ultimate Nikon Digital SLR camera” a “D2Xs or equivalent”.


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World Athletics Championships begin on the 25th August… in Nikon’s home country… with Nikon as an offical sponsor. My understanding is that Nikon have a history of launching high profile products at major sporting events, instead of at photographic exhibitions.

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The UK press conference scheduled for Friday August 24th is the day before the IAAF

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In case you haven’t figured it out yet, the forums is a major source of the rumors that we see. Part of the reason is because the forums are so active. You can view the Nikon threads page here.

You can keep track of all the juice on the Nikon D3 on this page and the D300 on this page.
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