Drift HD Ghost Action Cam with 2-Way Remote

Drift HD Ghost

The Drift HD Ghost is a new action cam that features a wearable on/off remote control with LEDs displaying mode in use, continuous loop video recording, built-in WiFi and an integrated 2-inch Gorilla Glass LCD screen.

Drift HD Ghost

The camera captures 1080p HD video at 25/30fps and up to 60fps at 720p. It will accept microSDHC cards up to 32GB. The remote includes a wrist strap and allows you to see when you are and aren’t recording.  The built-in WiFi allows the Drift HD Ghost to connect to upcoming iOS and Android apps, which will stream video from the camera to your device.

The Drift HD Ghost retails for $399 and is available here at B&H Photo.

Drift HD Ghost

More details in the press release below. [Read more...]

Canon 70-300mm f/4-5.6 Lens Patent

Canon 70-300mm Lens

Canon applied for a patent application on a 70-300mm f/4-5.6 lens in March 2011.  Presumably, this is an update to the consumer grade line of 75-300mm non-IS lenses.  There’s no mention of image stabilization in the patent; however, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it couldn’t be an IS lens.

These are the current consumer zoom models in this range:

The other line of thought is that a new 70-300mm f/4-5.6 lens with image stabilization could replace the existing mid-grade lens as a cheaper/lower model. [Read more...]

Panasonic FH20 Quick Hands-On Review

Panasonic FH20

One of the many point and shoot cameras announced at CES 2010 was the Panasonic FH20.  I spent a little while at CES checking out the new camera and its siblings.

The FH20 is at the top end of the new cameras in the FH lineup.  The other new cameras, the FH3 and FH1, are essentially just lower-spec versions of the FH20.  Since all the models were preproduction and I couldn’t evaluate image quality at CES, the handling and performance comments on the FH20 pretty much match up with my impressions of the FH3 and FH1 as well. [Read more...]

Samsung TL210 and TL205

Samsung TL210

At CES 2010, Samsung introduced the TL210 and TL205 point and shoot cameras.

The Samsung TL210 features a 12.4MP sensor, 5x optical zoom and a 3-inch LCD rear panel.  The TL210 also features a 1.5-inch LCD on the front of the camera.  The TL210 should be available in March 2010.  Check availability on Amazon.com.

The Samsung TL205 features a 12.2MP sensor, 3x optical zoom and a 2.7-inch LCD rear panel.  Like the TL210, the TL205 features a 1.5-inch front LCD.  The TL205 should also be available in March 2010.  Check availability on Amazon.com.

Samsung TL205

More detials in the press release below. [Read more...]

Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II Lens

Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II Lens

The Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II lens is an update to the former 70-200mm f/2.8 IS lens, one of Canon’s most popular professional lenses.  In the updated lens, the internal elements have been redesigned and a flourite and fifth UD element have been incorporated to the lens.  According to Canon, a new autofocusing algorithm should increase AF acquisition speed.  Additionally, the minimum focus distance has been reduced to under 4 feet.  Finally, the Image Stabilization system has been upgraded to a claimed shake-correction of 4-stops, which is a 1-stop improvement over the previous model.

The EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II lens comes with a tripod collar, lens hood and pouch.  It should be available in April 2010.  Canon has yet to disclose the initial retail price; however, I would speculate the price to be around $2000 or more given Canon’s recent trend of increasing prices.

More details in the press release below. [Read more...]

Thomas Hawk’s Interview With Wolf Camera

Here’s a good Sunday morning read.

Thomas Hawk did an online customer service chat with “Carol” at Wolf Camera regarding the shipping status of his pre-ordered Canon 5D Mark II. He didn’t let’em off easy with his questions and elicited some funny responses from Carol re: Apple vs. Microsoft; Canon vs. Nikon; and Sausage vs. Bacon.

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Canon UK Rebates on EOS 40D, EOS 450D and EOS 1000D

Canon UK has launched new cash back rebates on the 40D, 450D and 1000D for new purchases between now and January 12, 2009.  This offer is available to European Union.

EOS 1000D (18-55 IS Kit only) = £30 Cashback (EUR 40)
New Offer – started 15th September, ends 12th January 2009.

EOS 450D (any configuration) = £50 Cashback (EUR 65)
Extended Offer – started 26th June, ends 12th January 2009.

EOS 40D (any configuration) = £60 Cashback (EUR 75)
Extended Offer – started 21st August, ends 12th January 2009.

For additional details and the claim form, see this page.

Sorry US readers, no news on rebates yet.  Maybe we’ll see something on this side of the pond before Christmas.