Canon is Working on a Full Frame Mirrorless Camera?


Not that the suggestion of Canon producing a full frame mirrorless camera is revolutionary; however, it is reassuring to hear that one may be in the pipeline. Canon Rumors received a tip from a reliable source that Canon is, in fact, developing a full frame mirrorless camera to be situated alongside its current line of EOS M cameras that feature APS-C format sensors. [Read more…]


Canon 1D X Mark II to Feature 4K Video But No 4K on Canon 5D Mark IV?

Canon 1D X Mark II Mockup

New rumors from Canon Rumors point to an upcoming Canon 1D X replacement will feature 4K video capture. Unfortunately though, the same rumors say that the 1D X Mark II will be the only next-gen Canon DSLR to offer 4K video capture at launch.

Of course, that would mean that the oft-rumored 5D Mark IV wouldn’t feature 4K video as an option at launch. Does the “at launch” clarification mean that a firmware upgrade could unlock it later down the line?

We have to remember, of course, that these are rumors but I still want to bang my head on the desk at even the suggestion that the next generation of Canon DSLRs will continue to neuter their video capabilities.

Canon 5D X with Quad Core DIGIC 7 Processor Rumors


New rumors about the upcoming Canon 5D X have surfaced over at the DP Review forums. The rumors claim that the Canon 5D X will feature a single DIGIC 7 quad core processor, while the upcoming 1D X Mark II will have two DIGIC 7 processors and one DIGIC 6 processor (perhaps the DIGIC 6 processor will be used for AF processing?). [Read more…]

Canon 5D Mark IV Rumors Update


New rumors from Northlight Images suggest that Canon has a couple of 5D Mark IV variations undergoing field testing – an 18MP and a 24MP camera.

However, the final camera is expected to be 24MP resolution, while the 18MP version is being used to test AF speed and buffer management issues. Additionally, the camera is rumored to shoot less than 8fps.

Even at 24MP, that’s a relatively low resolution after the Canon 5Ds and 5Ds R have now landed at a whopping 50MP.

Previous rumors pointed to a 5D Mark IV camera with 4K video capture and a new flash system. Perhaps Canon will finally integrate the in-body radio trigger we saw years ago in its patent filings?

Additionally, past rumors suggested the 5D Mark IV would be equipped with a 28MP sensor and 9fps shooting speed. It seems we are getting closer to whittling things down and should start to see specs and rumors conform on some of these items.

Stay tuned!

And, if you know something we don’t, reach out and let us know.