Complete Canon Medium Format System Next Year at Photokina?

Canon Medium Format Rumors

The latest rumors on the Canon medium format camera suggest that Canon will hold off unveiling a medium format camera until Photokina 2014. The reasoning in the rumors is that Canon does not want to launch until there are enough products in the line to unveil a complete system – with the intent to have a “show stealing” announcement at Photokina 2014 next September.

MF Comparison

Additionally, the lens development for the medium format line is supposedly leaning on the new Canon Cinema lenses. The lenses are rumored to be a larger version of the EF mount, tentatively called the EF-L mount. There is also a rumored adapter for using EF-L lenses on EF mount DSLRs – akin to the adapter that allows the use of EF lenses on the EOS M.

Canon’s Cinema lenses range in price from around $5,ooo to about $45,000, and you start to get an idea of just how high-end a medium format system from Canon could be.

Of course, that’s a year out still, and there are plenty of things that could happen between now and then. Add to that the fact that there have been no true leaks of anything solid from Canon to date and we’re left with a healthy dose of salt to consider in all of this.

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  1. Oberoth says

    I think Phase One would have something to say if they tried to call it the 645DF though!

  2. Jerry says

    And still no competition for the Nikon D800E? A medium format camera for say $6,000 to $8,000 for the body and another $4,000 to $10,000 for some lenses (EACH)? I guess Canon doesn’t care to compete or can’t!

  3. dick ranez says

    Technology wise Canon can do anything it wants, it has the talent, the capability and, most importantly, the cash to make a superior medium format camera. But whether they have the will to enter that market after examining the potential return is a whole different question.
    They have just received a major slap with their terrible miscalculation of an “market
    acceptable” CSC camera in the pathetic Canon M and they may be smarting a little and less willing to enter another new market. They also need to focus on the mainstream efforts of
    a more competitive DSLR line while they keep emphasizing video. Must be another case of
    too much marketing department input or forgetting their roots.