Nikon D300s is Now an “Archived” Product at Nikon USA

D300s Archived Product

Nikon USA currently lists the D300s as an “Archived” DSLR on the Nikon USA website – even though you can still buy a new Nikon D300s at retail stores.

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Nikon USA defines an “Archived Product” as:

A discontinued product that is no longer available for new retail sales. 

The D300s just recently moved to the Archived category at Nikon USA even though Nikon Japan has listed it as discontinued for more than 2 years.

Nikon USA has continued to sell the D300s as a “current product” for the past couple of years. So maybe those are just cameras left in warehouses and are being cleared out with no new supplies coming in….

Could this mean that the D400 or D9300 camera is around the corner to replace the D300s?

The D800S is highly rumored to be the next DSLR in Nikon’s pro and/or prosumer product lines; however, Nikon users have been waiting a long time for the fabled D400 to surface.

Nikon D9300 rumors have been swirling for months. The D9300 has been favored as a rumor over the D400 for some time now. The Nikon D9300 is rumored to be coming this year and will be situated above the D7100 at the top end of Nikon’s DX camera line.

We’re expect to see a new Nikon DSLR this month, so hopefully we won’t have to wait too much longer.

[Thanks Shaulin via Photography Bay Forum]