Nikon Lists D700 and D300s as Discontinued, D800/D400 Inbound?

Nikon D700 D300s discontinued

Well, we must be getting close to something because Nikon has listed the D700 and D300s as discontinued.  Just when the Nikon D800 will drop remains a mystery though.

What are you Nikon shooters more excited about?  A new D800 or a D400?  Any final spec wish lists as we approach D800- and/or D400-day?

[via Nikon Rumors]



  1. Ashley Groome says

    As far as I know, the press releases announcing the D800 are happening on Feb 7 – as for the D400 all I’ve heard is rumors and rubbish.

    Stay tuned.

  2. Pavan says

    this is insane, why they have to discontinue D700, it is just amazing camera a pro can buy. It is old but what best can replace this shooter. I think may be replacement will pop up with live video capability, who cares, b’coz whenever you add up this kind of feture into a DSLR it almost turned out to be a dissapointment…

  3. Ric says

    I think the coming of a D400 is like fireworks. Much more than a D800. Well, for the majority of us. Honestly, I’ve seen maybe more excellent pictures coming from pro using D300(s) than serious amateur using D700.
    I like my D300s and don’t intend to go full frame. After looking at the D7000, I’m excited to see what a D400 will bring us, just hope it will be affordable (range price of D300s). Otherwise, I’ll need to wait.

  4. Eric says

    I am looking forward to the D800, probably without the antialiasing filter. The D800 looks to be an excellent camera for landscape, studio, macro etc. Since I often print things really big, the D800 definitely has my attention. I think the D800 is going to have a huge impact and will set a new standard for Nikon image quality.

  5. Jorge says

    My D700 is a beauty! I love it and use it on a very regular basis and I’m somewhat sadden to see Nikon taking it off the production line. I’m just glad I got mine a few years back and it’s turned out to be the best camera I’ve ever owned! Picture quality is amazing!

  6. Isoruku says

    That’s interesting, because the US site does not list those cameras as discontinued. And I read yesterday on some photog site (don’t recall where) that a Nikon rep has said that the D800 and D700 will “stand alongside” one another. Here is the D700 page from Nikon, with nary a word of its “discontinued” status:

  7. vitamins says

    Nikon D400 will be launched in September 2012 and the delivery due to manufacturing problems and the shift to China will start a little bit late, around November 2012. Nikon 3200, Nikon D7100 and Nikon D400 will be announced this year for sure.