Sony A7S Full Res Sample Photos

Sony A7S

I finally got around to uploading the Sony A7S sample files that I captured at NAB 2014 last month. I previously put together an ISO comparison chart, which you can see with the full resolution sample photos below.

Here is the scene I snapped handheld at the Sony booth.


Here is a chart containing 100% crops of Sony A7S ARW files converted to JPEGs with no adjustments.


You can find the full res photos at the links below.

These were quick and dirty shots at the Sony booth with a pre-production Sony A7S shot hand-held. So, keep that in mind when evaluating the images.

The Sony A7S ships in July 2014 for $2499. You can pre-order it here at B&H Photo.



  1. Cesco says

    Holy crapola! That 6400 ISO looks like an 800 from CaNikon. This could very well be the ultimate documentary and holiday cam – we visit a lot of places where a flash or a tripod are not OK, so the A7s would be perfect for such senarios.