Canon Teases New Lens for April 24 Announcement

Canon Lens Teaser

Canon Hong Kong has posted a teaser image for what is believed to be a new lens announcement on April 24 (that’s this Thursday). There are no specific leaks on the radar; however, the object in the image is the rough shape of a lens, with some speculating that it could be a new fast prime lens.

The translation supposedly reads:

Beauty lies not in objects, but in the interaction between the shadow and light created by objects.

We should know more later this week. If you have any insight on this upcoming announcement, feel free to share in the comments or drop me a line via the contact page.

Stay tuned.

[via Canon Watch]



  1. Herbert r.j. Curiel says

    The object in the image is not the rough shape of a lens but a Japanese thee cup or Raku.

  2. says

    Based on the translation: “Beauty lies not in objects, but in the interaction between the shadow and light created by objects.” it would be something relates to an equipment that will interact with light so, maybe a new speedlite or a LED light source!?

    I would welcome a 450EX-RT speedlite, a new ST-E3-RT replacement with AF Assist Beam compatible with Canon’s new 61-Point High Density Reticular AF or a LED speedlite (color adjustable!!☺) that works with ST-E3-RT and takes LP-E6 batteries that will last for a thousand shots…. If Canon build it, we will buy!☺

  3. Herbert R.J. Curiel says

    I quote:
    In the 1850s, the term was applied to a range of colors or hue, for example by Thomas De Quincey, who wrote “Porphyry, I have heard, runs through as large a gamut of hues as marble.”